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ZEN PLC is a Simple and Small PLC like Siemens LOGO PLC of OMRON. Although ZEN is a small PLC it is used in many places. Especially used for small projects. Omron ZEN PLC has 8 buttons 0-ESC, 1-OK, 2-Down; 3-Left, 4- Right, 5- Up, 6-DEL, 7-ALT and We can easily program using ZEN PLC’s buttons. However, We will describe the [Download] ZEN PLC Software Download OMRON PLC

The ZEN-S0FT01 V4.11 and V4.14 are the Latest Ladder Programming Software of ZEN Omron PLC.

ZEN Software supports 8 Digit Counters & Comparator, Even Relay, and Twin Timers, Weekly Timers, Calendar Timers, Multiple day Operation, and Daylight saving time for New Zealand and Australia, Multiple pulse output and Rs485 Communication, etc

Recommended PC for the Setup of Zen PLC Software

Processor: Minimum Pentium Processor 133MHz or More

Recommended 200 MHz or Above

RAM/Memory: Minimum 64MB or Above Recommended 2/4/8

Required CD or DVD ROM/Keyboard and Mouse/1 Serial communication port and Monitor 800*600dots

Addressing ZEN PLC/Software

ZEN PLC input Indicates I and Output Indicate Q Timer T, Counter c, Holding Bit H, Work Bit M, Analog Comparator A, and Timer Counter Comparator P

Note that: Extension Input Bit X

AND Output Bit Y

Advantages of ZEN PLC of Omron PLC:

+Easy Programming and Offline Simulation.

+Expansion is very easy.

+Only Ladder Language Support.

+8 Operation Buttons and LCD Display.

+Price is very cheap.

Communication or Programming Cable

If you need program upload and download, we need to ZEN-CIF01 Communication Cable.

>>> Download Google Drive Link>>>

We have given the ZEN PLC Software google drive link to download the required file,

+ [Download] “ZEN” PLC Software

+2nd Download Link:


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