[Download] TouchWIN Edit Tool Manual-“XINJE” HMI to All PLC Connection

XINJE has made many kinds of industrial products e.g. PLC/HMI/Servo/ Controller etc, which are widely used in the world. HMI Xinje/TouchWIN (TP/TG/TH/TE) & Text (OP Series) Panel Display is a Very Popular and good quality HMI, Also a Faster/Color Display, Low cost & a Highly Protection System. If we want to communicate with TouchWin HMI to various types of PLCs such as Siemens, Delta, Mitsubishi, Omron, etc, you have to Read the TouchWIN Edit Tool Manual Properly. However, today plchmiservo.com would like to teach [Download] TouchWIN Edit Tool Manual-XINJE HMI-All PLC with you how to make a communication cable with the “TouchWIN Edit Tool Manual”-XINJE HMI-All PLC Connection Guide, Also how to download the TouchWIN Edit Tool Manual.

Some Connection Diagrams

+01: Xinje HMI-Siemens only S7200 PLC Communication cable diagram

+02: Xinje-Delta DVP Series PLC Interface Cables Diagram

+03: Allen-Bradley Micrologix Series PLC  to Xinje HMI Diagram

+04: Fatek FB Series PLC> “Xinje” HMI

+05: RS232 Communication Xinje HMI –IDEC Micro3c PLCs

+06: LS/LG Master K PLC>Xinje

+07: Siemens S7-300/400/200>Xinje RS485 Communication

+08: Mitsubishi RS422 Connection FX>Xinje “HMI”

+09: Omron RS232 -Xinje

+10: Xinje HMI to Vigor PLC “RS232” Communication

+11: Xinje PLC -HMI

>>>Download the TouchWIN Edit Tool Manual Google Drive Link

We have given below the google drive link [Download] TouchWIN Edit Tool Manual-XINJE HMI-All PLC Connection Manual, so click on the link to download your TouchWIN Edit tool Manual.

TouchWIN Manual Download Link:

>>>>Touchwin Edit Tool Manual- XINJE HMI-All PLC Connection Manual  

XINJE/Touchwin HMI Manual Another Download Link

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vM2QwHTR4dFaRYk9qRwPmYLTmim1WpGu/view?usp=sharing

Thanks, Guys, If you need any help during the making TouchWIN HMI to Other Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or TouchWIN Edit tool Manual not found then you can contact me via email at plchmiservo2@gmail.com, or Whatsapp number at +8801713722455

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