[Programming Cable] Fatek PLC Programming Cable Pin Diagram Fatek “FBs/Facon” Series

Hi Friends Today I will discuss How to make a Fatek FBs and Fatek Facon PLC to PC Programming Cable and Connect to PC RS232 Port. Facon FBe Series is an Old Series PLC of Fatek.

Item Need

+01: D-SUB Male and D-SUB Female Jack Port PC

+02: DB15-Male Port (Facon PLC Site)

+03: Mini-DIN 4-pin Jack Port (FBS Series PLCs Site)

+04: Soldering Iron & Digital Multimeter

Making System

Must be properly soldered According to the PLC Cable Diagram

>>For Fatek Facon (FBe) Series

>>Used For PLCs Fatek FBS-MA/MC/MU and FBn.

plchmiservo.com tested these PLC cables and Properly Worked. You can also use (a USB –an RS-232) converter for FBs/FBn Series.

Thanks, Guys!