[Programming Cable] Fatek PLC Programming Cable Pin Diagram Fatek “FBs/Facon” Series

FATEK is a Manufacturer company for the automation products in the world, fatek is a Taiwan based company. Fatek produces various types of programmable logic controller (PLC), Human Machine Interface (HMI), Servo dives and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Fatek also developed various types of programming software for the automation of PLC, HMI, Servo. After For plc programming, if we want to programming and program upload and download, we have to use fatek fbs plc communication cable FBS-232P0-9F, So you can see the fatek plc programming cable diagram Fbs & Facon PLC and make it easily. Fatek plc has Ethernet port and RS232 Port, but plchmiservo.com going to shown the How to make RS232 fatek programming cable. Which is used to Fatek FBs and Fatek Facon PLC to PC, So see the Programming Cable and Connect to PC RS232 Port. Facon FBe Series is an Old Series PLC of Fatek. However, Today plchmiservo.com would like to share the [DIY/Cable] Fatek PLC Cable Diagram “Fatek FBs/Facon” Series making system with you Also how to download and make the fatek plc communication cable diagram, so see the fatek plc cable diagram and make it easily.

Item Need

+01: D-SUB Male and D-SUB Female Jack Port PC

+02: DB15-Male Port (Facon PLC Site)

+03: Mini-DIN 4-pin Jack Port (FBS Series PLCs Site)

+04: Soldering Iron & Digital Multimeter

Making System

Must be properly soldered According to the PLC Cable Diagram

>>For Fatek Facon (FBe) Series

>>Used For PLCs Fatek FBS-MA/MC/MU and FBn.

plchmiservo.com tested these PLC cables and Properly Worked. You can also use (a USB –an RS-232) converter for FBs/FBn Series.

Thanks, Guys!

+Fatek plc software fbs