Panasonic PLC Software FPWIN GR Download

Panasonic PLC Software FPWIN GR Download

[Download] Panasonic PLC Software FPWIN GR Download 100% Working for Panasonic PLC Programming

FPWIN GR is a specialized software developed by Panasonic, specifically designed for programming various models of Panasonic PLC series. This software is primarily used for programming small-sized PLCs such as FPC, FPXH/FPX0, FP-E, FP1, FP-SIGMA, FP0/ FP0R, FP-M, FP2/ FP2SH, FP3, FP5/ FP10 and FP10S/ FP10SH. It should be noted that FPWIN GR supports ladder programming for all FP Series PLCs, excluding the FP0H and FP7 models. Notwithstanding, in today’s article, we ( want to discuss with you the Panasonic PLC Software FPWIN GR Download, Also Features of FPWIN GR Software, Supported models of FPWIN GR Software, Supported Windows (OS) of Control FPWin GR Software, Installation Process of FPWIN GR download, and also How to FPWIN GR Panasonic PLC Programming Software free Download.


Features of FPWIN GR Ver 2 Software

+FPWIN GR Software offers a variety of features that make it a valuable tool for programming and operating FP series PLCs. One of its key features is easy field operations, which allows users to perform timer changes, data entry, writing, search, and monitoring directly from the keyboard, without the need for a mouse. This streamlines the programming process and increases efficiency.

+The software also offers convenient programming with wizard functions, making it accessible even for users with limited programming experience. This feature guides users through the programming process, simplifying complex tasks and reducing the chance of errors.

+When it comes to hardware requirements, FPWIN GR Software is designed to work efficiently on various systems. The minimum hardware configuration needed for this software includes a CPU with a clock speed of at least 1GHz, a RAM capacity of 512MB or higher, an available disk space of 100MB or higher, and a screen or display resolution of 1024×768 or higher, ensuring optimal visibility and clarity. It is also recommended to have more than 40MB of available hard disk space. In addition, it is suggested to have a Pentium 100 MHz or better CPU, more than 64MB of system RAM (depending on the operating system), and a color depth of high color> 16-bits or better for optimal performance.

+The software supports standard operations in Windows operating systems, such as Copy & Paste, making it familiar and easy to use for users already accustomed to these functions.

+FPWIN GR Software is compatible with all FP series PLCs, including those created using Version 4 or Version 3 of NPST-GR. This means that any software assets produced using these versions can be seamlessly integrated and utilized with the program.

+FPWIN GR Software allows for simultaneous communication with PCWAY, OPC Server, GTWIN and CommX through the same port. This enables seamless connectivity and data exchange between different platforms and applications, enhancing overall system integration.

+In terms of communication, FPWIN GR Software supports RS232, USB, and Ethernet connections, providing flexibility and compatibility with different devices.

+It is designed to work with all FP series PLCs, except for FP-7 and FP-0H, and is also compatible with FP-XH> C14/C30/C60> models.

+The FPWIN GR Software has capability to perform basic ladder programming using standard instructions.

In summary, FPWIN GR Software offers a comprehensive range of features and capabilities that make it an ideal choice for simple programming and operating FP series PLCs. Its easy field operations, compatibility with various PLCs and software assets, wizard functions, and support for multiple communication options make it a versatile and user-friendly software solution.

Supported models of Control FPWIN GR Software


+ FP0 / FP0R


+ FP-E

+ FP-M

+ FP1

+ FP2 / FP2SH

+ FP3


+FP10S / FP10SH



Supported Windows (OS) of FPWIN GR Software

+MS Windows 7

+MS Windows 8

+MS Windows 8.1

+MS Windows 10

Installation Process of Control FPWIN GR download

The installation process of FPWIN GR download involves several steps that need to be followed:

+Step 1: Firstly, you need to download the software and extract it using the provided password, which is

+Step 2: Once the software is extracted, you can proceed to run the Setup file and click on the Next button.

+Step 3: In this step, you will be required to agree to the terms & conditions of use of the FPWIN GR software.

+Step 4: After that, you need to open the <Key_Install> file and enter the <Key> as instructed.

+Step 5: Once the Key is entered, you can select Next to initiate the installation process.

+Step 6: Click Next then, It is important to note that the installation of the software is usually very quick, so you will just need to wait for it to complete.

+Step 7: Finally, when the installation is finished, you can select the Finish button to complete the process.

How to FPWIN GR Panasonic PLC Programming Software free Download?

+To download the FPWIN GR Panasonic PLC Programming Software for free, open the web browser that you usually use for browsing the internet.

+Go to, then type “FPWIN GR Software download” in the search bar.

+Visit the Panasonic Automation Controls Web site or directly click here-

+After that, register or create an account. Because Panasonic industry suggests that customers should register on their website to receive notifications if any changes are made to previously downloaded documents. By creating an account, customers will have access to manuals, data, and software downloads for Panasonic products.

+Click on the “Download” section on the top of the Panasonic Automation Controls Web site Page. Or click on the below link-

+Finally, download the appropriate version of the FPWIN GR Software from download link by signing in with Panasonic website.

+<<Alternately, FPWIN GR Panasonic PLC Programming Software can be downloaded from ( website by clicking the “FPWIN GR Software Google drive link.”

Panasonic PLC Software FPWIN GR Download Google Drive Link

We have brief above Control FPWIN GR Software Also given below Panasonic PLC Software FPWIN GR Download Google drive link, so click on the below link to download Control FPWIN GR Software.

+ Control FPWIN GR FPWin GR Free Download 100% Working


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