[Download] Samkoon HMI User Manual-Samkoon HMI to All PLC Connection Guide

HMI Samkoon is a Chinese Touch Screen, Samkoon Human Machine Interface (HMI) has different series of HMI such as AK series, SA/EA/ & SK Series HMIs. Features of Samkoon touch screen EA & SA Display Size (3.5″, 4.3″, 5″,5.7″,7″,10.2/4″, &12.1″), SK Display Sizes from (3.5″ to 15″) & AK (3.5inch -12.1inch)

Samkoon  AK/SK Series HMIs has various advanced Functions e.g  1677 Million Vivid colors, Support Wi-Fi, Printer, Canbus Network Ethernet/3G, U-disk & SD Card, USB (Mouse, Pen drive, Powerful Alarms, Mail, Remote Access, Multi-Protocol, RS232/RS485 & RS422, etc, Also This HMI programming and operate, Interface with PLC is easy, low Price & High Capacity.

So today I discuss & Share with you this “Samkoon HMI User Manual” and How to interface with PLC.

Cable Connection Diagram

+01: Samkoon SK HMI-Melsec Mitsubishi FX Series PLC

+02: Sysmac Omron PLC – Samkoon HMI/ Cable connecting

+03: “Delta PLC to Samkoon HMI” Connection Diagram

+04: Fatek FB Series >Samkoon SK Panel/HMI

+05: S7-200 PLC-Samkoon Touch Screen Connection

See the diagram and you can solder the Cable. Download the manual and see the all diagrams.

>>>>>>“PDF” Download

>>>>HMI -Samkoon -Connecting -Manual  

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pVDHAeHZEsUqPjtoCiU7mWmZZNzZ_oN6/view?usp=sharing


##SATOOL V6.1 and Samkoon Draw V5.0 Samkoon HMI Software

##Samkoon PLC Software