[Communication Cable] IDEC Programming Cable-“IDEC HMI” to PC Cable Diagram

HMI Idec is a High Performance, Durable, and Better Quality Human Machine Interface (HMI). Idec HMI/PLC Cable is not available in the Market & This HMI cable is a little hard to find. If you do not find the Factory-Made cable, please contact with IDEC Distributor. So Today plchmiservo.com would like to share the IDEC Programming Cable-IDEC HMI HG2G/2F/2S/3F/ 4F and How to make the Programming Cable, which will save you the cost


+01: DB9-Female Jack Port>>> Computer Site

+02: Minidin 8Pin-Male Jack port >>>HMI Site

Making “Procedure”

>>>>Solder the cable well by looking at the diagram.