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Panasonic is a multinational Manufacturer and Developer Company in the World; it was founded on 13 March 1918 in Osaka Japan. Panasonic is the very Popular Brand in the World. Panasonic Provides Various Types Home Appliances,  Electronics Products, Office products, Aviation Products, Industrial Products (PLC, HMI, Servo Drive & Motor, VFD, Sensors, etc ), Many other Field Products. Panasonic Has More than Approximately 230 Companies in the World. Panasonic Variable Frequency Drive Series Include MK100 Series, MK300 Series, MK500 Series, and VF0 Series, VF100 Series & VF200 Series. Stopped Some VFD Series Products of Panasonic such as DV Series, M1* Series, VF700 Series, VF-8Z Series.

Depending on Voltage Panasonic VF0 Series VFD Has Two Types, Such as Single Phase and Three Phases. But Now VF0 Series All 3 Phase VFD Production Has Stopped on July 31, 2013.

So Today plchmiservo.com would like to share the Panasonic VFD Manual PDF VF0 Series VFD Manual and How the Set the Parameter of VFD, Be careful Please read the Manual Before Installation of VFD otherwise you can face the Problem, Even Damaged your products or Life Risk.

Connection Diagram of Panasonic VFD VF0 Series

L, N- Power Supply

U, V, W-Connect Motor

Parameter of Panasonic VFD VF0 Series VFD

P65- If you set the Password

P66-All Parameter Factory Reset

P08– Local/External Control-Local or External

P09– Local or External Frequency- Panel /Potentiometer/Voltage

P15: The Maximum Output Frequency Is set (50 to 250HZ)

P16: The Base Frequency Is set (45.0 to 250HZ)

Control Circuit Wiring

P53– Lower Frequency Clamp Setting -0 HZ

P54– Upper-Frequency Clamp Setting -0.00 HZ

P01-1st Acceleration Time

P02-1st Deceleration Time

For JOG Speed Operation

P29– Jog Frequency Setting (0.54 to 250HZ)

P30-Jog Acceleration time Setting-

P31– Jog Deceleration time Setting

Multi-Function of Panasonic VF0 Series Inverter

Multi-Speed Switch Function

P19- SW1 Terminal NO 7

P20- SW2 Terminal NO 8

P21- SW3 Terminal NO 9

Multi-Step Speed Operation

P32-Speed 2 Frequency Setting

P33-Speed 3 Frequency Setting

P34-Speed 4 Frequency Setting

P35-Speed 5 Frequency Setting


P38-Speed 8 Frequency Setting

+Panasonic VF0  VFD User Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Cc_L_iQg-h9U7Nprs49PgaCrPp14l0Nk/view?usp=sharing

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