[Download] XLogicSoft-V3.4 Rievtech PLC Software 100% Real (GoogleDrive)

Software XLogicSoft Version 3.4 is used program Rievtech Micro PLC and This Software developed by Rievtech Electronics Co., Ltd.  Rievtech Micro PLCs is a high Quality, Reliable, and Easy Maintenance Product Especially this PLC has advanced features such as High-Speed Outputs for stepper Motion Control, and High-Speed Pulse input Counter, PID Function, LCD Display & Keypad, PWM and Modbus Protocol, also User can easily interface with many HMIs.

Programming Language:  

  1. Library Diagram (LID)
  2. Function blocks Diagram (FBD).

Supported “Operating Systems”:

  1. Microsoft Windows-XP
  2. Microsoft Windows-7 (32 and 64bit)
  3. Microsoft Windows-8 and 8.1(32 and 64bit)
  4. Microsoft Windows-10 (32 and 64bit)

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[Download] X-Logic Soft-V3.4 “RIEVTECH” PLC Software

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