Introductions of PLC/HMI/SERVO/VFD Software:

Every Automation Product Such as PLC/HMI/SERVO/VFD etc has two parts 1 hardware,2 software.
If you want to work or Troubleshoot or program of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Human Machne Interface (HMI), Inverter & Servo Drive or Controller then must be used Software.

+Weintek HMI All PLC Connection Manual

+XINJE HMI to All PLC Connection Manual

Description Of All PLC, HMI Software

Hi, Guys, I will like to inform you that here we have described All PLC, HMI, VFD, Servo Drive, etc Software. So check all the software Download the Software and Solve All Automation Problems.

CPU: Central Processing Unit (CPU) is The Brain of PLC, Which consists of RAM, ROM, and Memory. CPU
is the Heart of PLC So, CPU Controls Monitors and All Operation Supervise PLC. After Program, we
Download the Program into the CPU, Then CPU Properly Scans the Program, and Results Through
Input and Output:
There are two types of Input /Output Modules; it can be analog and Digital. Digital Input Means ON/OFF
or Discrete Signal and Digital input connected to CPU with Optocoupler Device. Analog Means Variable
Voltage/Current or Data Input.
Digital Input:
+Push Button Switch/Selector Switch/Limit Switch/Pressure Switch/Proximity Switch
Analog Input:
+Temperature/Pressure/Humidity/Level/ Transducers
Output is not directly connected to the CPU. Between the CPU and output section, there is a relay,
transistor, or TRIAC. Motor, Fan, Light, Lamp, Relay, Buzzer, Electric Heater, Solenoid Valve
Power Supply:
Power Supply provides power CPU Unit, Input & Output Module Unit. The main work of the power
supply is to provide the power DC (0V, 24V) or AC (220) to operate the PLC.