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Hi guys, if you want to operate or on/Off any machine by using the Human Machine Interface (HMI) then you have to must do the program Human Machine Interface (HMI) Program, matching PLC Program. Also, you have to interface between HMI to PLC. Weintek is a leading multinational Human Machine Interface (HMI) company in the world, also Weintek is a brand from Taiwan & Weintek HMI programming & interfacing is very easy for other HMI. Reasonable price and has many features and functions, also durable. The EasyBuilder is a screen editing software for Weintek Human Machine Interface (HMI). If we want to need to troubleshoot or program Weintek HMI then must be you will need to use Easybuilder Software. However, today plchmiservo.com will be sharing the EasyBuilder 8000 software free download Weintek EBpro download with you also how to download the Weintek EasyBuilder V4.65 Software & installed it properly, and programming and program upload/download.

PC Hardware Requirement for the setup of Weintek HMI Software

Easy builder is windows-based programming software, so this software supports Microsoft windows XP, MS Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and MS Windows 10. Whenever you will set up the software Easybuilder for Windows Operating System, then you will need the minimum PC Requirement, which is given below.

+CPU/Processor: Minimum Intel Pentium II or Above

+RAM/Memory: 256MB but recommended 1GB or More

+ROM/Hard Disk: Minimum 2.5GB But recommended 128GB or Higher, Disk space needed at a list minimum of 500MB.

+ Ethernet and USB Port: Will Need to for program Upload/download

+RS232 COM Port: Will Need to Online simulation

+Also will need to Display, Keyboard and Mouse

Whenever you will set up the software Easybuilder to Microsoft windows 10 Operating System, then you will need to Upgrade your PC, Minimum RAM 4GB or above, and Processor Intel core i3 or above.

Supported Models of Weintek EasyBuilder 8000 Software

Easy Builder 8000 V4.65 software supports the following models

+MT8104X/ MT8104XH

+MT8104iH/ MT8121iP

+Weintek MT8150X

+Weinview MT6050i/MT8050i/MT6056i

+ MT6050iP/MT8050iP, MT6070iP/MT8070iP


Also, this software supports the TK8104, TK8150, TK6050iP, TK6070iP, TK6070iH, TK8070iH, TK6100i, TK8070iP etc

Software EasyBuilder V4.65 Setup Process

+Step 01: Before software installation, you have to check the windows operation system, also check disk space then download the EasyBuilder V4.65 Software from our website plchmiservo.com, After downloading the software then extract Easybuilder software and double click on Setup.

+Step 02: choose the “installation language, where select only one language [English, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional) Spanish, French, Korean, Italian, and Russian], We have selected English Language & click on OK. Then remove the older version of Easybuilder software.

+Step 03: Then you will set up the installation wizard of Easy builder V4.65, so click on [Next] to continue.

+Step 04: select your software EasyBuilder [installation location] & click on [Next]. If you want to set up the default location then you have to continue the setup process.

+Step 05: choose [start menu folder] for the shortcut program save, click browse choose the location, or click on next.

+Step 06: If you will need an additional task for example (Create desktop icon), For continuing click on next

+Step 07: When all settings are completed, if they are all correct then click on Install, or if you want any settings changed then you have to click on back, and again change settings.

+Step 08: Installation processing, so please wait a few seconds.

+Step 09: When successfully installing Easybuilder V4.65 software then click on finish.

How to Weintek HMI Program Download/Upload by using Easy Builder 8000

+First open easy builder software and select HMI Model and select your PLC brand for example we have selected Delta DVP Series PLC, So Open the Delta WPLSoft or Delta ISPSoft then writes your Delta Programmable Logic Controller Program (PLC) Program. Where shown below figure.

+After installing the EasyBuilder 8000 V4.65 Double click on the (Project Manager) shortcut desktop icon shown in the figure, then click on Easybuilder8000 for the editing program.

+ Before programming must check your Input and Output address, Data resistor address, etc. check. We have edited the HMI program, where PLC Program is shown above., where M0 ON Switch, M1 OFF Switch, Y0-Motor 1, and Y1 Motor 2. After editing the programming then save the project and compile the program when error 0 the program is OK.

+After compiling then go to the [Tools] and click on [download] and select the programming cable and click on again Download and wait for the downloading program.

Upload Program:

+Double click on the project manager then click on the Upload. Select save location Then select the cable and save the project and click upload type password default password 111111.

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