[Download] Delta DOP HMI Manual PDF & Describe DOPA Series Real

Delta Human Machine Interface (HMI) is an extremely popular and Cheaper HMI. Through the DOP Soft Software, We can easily edit the program and interface with most of the PLC’s Brands, also, Delta HMI Provides various types of Communication Ports (USB, RS232, RS485, and RS422) and fast Communication. So Friends Today plchmiservo.com would like to share the DOP series, HMI Manual, However, plchmiservo.com would like to describe the [Download] DOP HMI Manual DOPA Series Free Real and Communication System Chapter 1 to Chapter 5, Also Download the Manual from our Site or Delta website and See the Details descriptions.

All Chapter Description

Chapter 1: Introduction

Introduction of DOP A Series Human Machine Interface.

Delta DOP A-Series is manufactured by Delta Electronics and adopts high-speed hardware to provide you with a useful and programmable interface.

Features of Delta DOPA Series HMI

+Support Various Types of PLCs such as Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Omron, Mitsubishi Delta, FACON, etc.

+ Multi-Language Supports for Programming Edit.

+USB Port Upload and Download Programs.

+HMI Built-in 2 COM ports And Supports Two PLC/Controllers.

+ Online Simulation & Off-Line Simulation Functions

+Multiple and High-Security Systems.

Model Descriptions

Model Number: DOP- A 57 GS T D

+DOP: DOP Means Delta Operator Panel

+A: Series Name (USB/RS232/485/422)

+57: Size of HMI 57-5.7 inch, 75-7.5 inch, 10-10.4 inch

+GS: STN Gray, CS: STN Color, TC: TFT Color

+T: Touch Screen Only K: Touch Screen and Keypad

+D: Input Power DC, A: Input Power AC.

Chapter 2: Screen Edit Introductions, How to Software Installation, How to Create Project also Describe Manu bar and Toolbar of Screen editor Software.

Chapter 3: Element Function, Describe all Element Function such as Input Switch, Output Switch, Time, Counter, Set Value, Meter, Time and Date Display, Numeric Entry, Numeric Display, BAR, Curve, Sampling, Alarm Graph, etc.

Chapter 4: Description of Macro (Error Message, Macro Operation, Macro Type and Editing)

Chapter 5: System Control (Describe and Control Area, System and Internal Memory)

Describe Specification of HMI, Dimension, and How to Hardware Installation

Finally Describe the Communication System (PIN Definition of Serial Communication, Download Cable and PLC to HMI Communication Cable Diagram and Pin Out)


+ [Download] DOP HMI Manual DOPA Series Free Real

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AKVI-SJ10BhGvVQJOP4peWzvkx1-o9qB/view?usp=sharing

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