[Download] Automation Studio 6.4 Professional Edition Software Full Real

FAMIC Technologies was established in 1986 and this company is a software solutions company specially Automation Studio software. Automation Studio 6.4 is the latest engineering tool for Circuit Design & Simulation, Maintenance, Testing, Troubleshooting, Creating documents, etc. Automation Studio 6.4 software developed by Famic Technologies Inc. However, today we would like to share the [Download] Automation Studio 6.4 Full Software Real with you, also how to download the Automation Studio 6.4 software and install it properly.

PC Requirements for Setup Automation Studio:

Intel Processor 2.8 GHz or More

Must be RAM-4GB or Above

Disk Free space minimum 3 GB, HDD 256 GB or 500 GB

Software Setup process “Automation Studio P6.4”:

+ST1ST: First download the automation studio 6.4 software from our website or Famic Technolgy website then Unpack the downloaded software and extract the software then click setup

+ST2ND: Select the Setup “Language” and click on “Next”.

+ST3RD: Press I accept the terms of the license agreement and Next

+ST4TH: Write your “User details” such as User Name & Company name see the below picture then click Next.

+ST5TH: Then Destination Location selects and ‘Install’ Click

+ST6TH: Automation Studio Installation successfully finished so click the [Finish]

We have given below [Download] Automation Studio 6.4 Full Software Real google drive link, so click on the link to download the Automation Studio 6.4 software

+ [Download] Automation Studio”_P6.4.0

>>>Software Automation Studio 6.4 another download Link:


If any problem with the software installation contact www.plchmiservo.com, also if you need any Automation support or Automation device and software please contact us via email or WhatsApp number at +8801713722455 please share the software with your friend thanks….

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