[Download] ControlStar-V2.39 “Emerson PLC” Programming Software (Google Drive)

Software Control Star V2.39 is the Latest PLC Programming Software of Emerson PLC. Emerson PLC is a Good Durable & High-Performance PLC Price Very low & Used for Small projects. ControlStar software has basic programming functions also this software contains many auxiliary tools which can set the program, adjust, and maintain the programmable logic controller. However, today plchmiservo.com would like to share the ControlStar Emerson PLC Programming Software with you also how to download the control Star software and properly install it, So get in touch with us.

Supported models of “Control Star” Software:  

Control Star supports the following models below

  • EC10 Series
  • EC10A Series
  • EC20 Series
  • EC20_V2 Series
  • EC20H Series
  • EVC_UPRG Series

Supported “OS” of Emerson PLC Programming Software

  • MS Windows – XP and Vista 32-bit, 64bit
  • MS Windows-7, Total Version 32-bit, 64bit
  • MS Windows-8/8.1, Total Version 32-bit, 64bit
  • MS Windows-10, Total Version 32-bit, 64bit

Setup Process of “Emerson” PLC Software:

+S01: Download the software on our “Website” plchmiservo.com then Double Click the Control Star V2.39

+S02: Select Language for Software Installation and Click OK.

+S03: Welcome to the “Control Star” Installation Wizard V2.39 Click Next.

+S04: Write User Details Select Anyone User and Click Next.

+S05:  Select “Destination Folder” and Click Next.

+S06: Ready for Installation so [Click the Install].

+S07: Continue Setup Process so wait for 2 to 3 minutes

+S08: When “Installation Wizard Complete” then Click Finish.

>>>Download ControlStar Google Drive Link

We have given the [Download] ControlStar Emerson PLC Programming Software googles drive link so click on the link to download the required software.

>>>>ControlStar_V2.39 Emerson PLC Software

>>>Software Link:


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