XP Builder Download V3.7 LS HMI software download

XP Builder Download V3.7-LS HMI software download-2023 Free

XP Builder V3.7 is one of the latest or most recent powerful software tools designed for developing and customizing Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) that are used in industrial automation structures. It is developed by LSIS Co. Ltd., a Korean-based organization that provides energy solutions and digital transformation services. With XP Builder, users can easily create and customize the interface based on specific requirements, allowing for intuitive interactions between operators and machines. LS HMI software, on the other hand, lets users remotely manage and monitor various connected devices via an HMI interface, making it ideal for process control and factory automation. In addition, XP Builder V3.7 supports a number of communication protocols, along with Modbus RTU/TCP, PLC, and OPC, making it well-suited for an extensive range of gadgets and automation systems. Overall, XP Builder V3.7 is a powerful HMI software program that makes it easy for all and sundry, from novices to experts, to create an interface that meets their specific demands. Software XP Builder V3.7 LS HMI software can be downloaded for free from trusted sources like plchmiservo.com website or LS Electric’s official website and come equipped with features and tools that are suitable for both novice and expert users. However, today plchmiservo.com would like to discuss the XP Builder Download V3.7 LS HMI software download, also the features of XP Builder V3.7, how to program by using the XP Builder software, and how to program upload & download by using the XP Builder software.

XP Builder V3.7 comes with many features that permit customers to create an HMI interface conveniently, using drag-and-drop functionality to add factors inclusive of buttons, textual content containers, and graphical representations of information. It also helps to use pre-constructed templates and widgets, which can be customized based on the particular needs of the utility.

XP Builder also presents a number of different features, including the capability to screen the status of the PLC in real-time, configure alarms and events, and troubleshoot any issues that can arise through programming. The software program gives access to a library of pre-built common-sense factors and functions, making it faster and less complicated to broaden complicated programs.

Features of XP Builder V3.7

XP Builder V3.7 is a versatile and effective software tool that comes with a wide range of features for creating and customizing Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) used in industrial automation systems.

Here are some of the important features of XP Builder V3.7:

+ Intuitive user interface: The software program comes with a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to add factors to the HMI inclusive of buttons, text containers, and graphical representations of data.

+ Pre-constructed templates and widgets: The software program comes with a library of pre-constructed templates and widgets that can be custom designed based totally on the specific wishes of the utility.

+ Built-in modifying gear: The software includes a range of enhancing tools, such as coloration, font, and picture editors, to help customers create an interface that meets their unique styling requirements.

+ Compatibility with multiple communication protocols: XP Builder V3.7 supports diverse communication protocols, including Modbus RTU/TCP, PLC, and OPC, making it well-matched with an extensive range of gadgets and automation systems.

+ Security features: The software program consists of security capabilities, which include password safety and person-to-person access to control, ensuring that only legal customers have access to the HMI.

+ Simulation features: The simulation feature of XP Builder V3.7 is a useful device that allows users to check and debug the HMI interface earlier than it is deployed and linked to the underlying automation device. With this option, users can confirm the functionality of the interface and make sure that it meets the requirements of the software. To use the simulation feature, users simply need to click on the “Simulation” tab in the main interface of XP Builder V3.7. From there, they are able to interact with the user interface as if it were related to the automation system.

Users can input statistics and spot the way they affect the interface, take a look at the numerous capabilities of buttons and sliders, and reveal the changes in real time. The simulation characteristic also lets customers discover capacity problems and bugs by testing the interface with distinctive scenarios and seeing how it responds. It gives the possibility of verifying that the information entered by the user is effectively transmitted to the automation gadget and that the right information is displayed at the HMI interface.

Overall, the simulation characteristics of XP Builder V3.7 save time and effort by reducing the probability of errors or bugs in real-world situations.

Supported windows of the XP Builder V3.7 Software

The XP Builder V 3.7 Software supports the iXP Series, eXP Series, iXP2, eXP2, IPC Series (wXP) XGT Panel, and a wide range of controllers. The XP Builder V3.7 does not support the XP Series XGT Panels, so if you want to work the XP Series XGT Panel then you have to install the XP Builder lower version below the V3.0. The LS HMI Projects can only be transferred from XP Builder to XGT Panels. If you want to View the XGT Panel Specification in XP Builder then you have to create the new project, then you have to select the XGT panel Series and select the model number, for example, EXP50, EXP80, etc., from the drop-down.

PC Requirement of XP Builder software

Before the software XP Builder V3.7 installation, you have to check your PC Requirements. so, users can install XP Builder Software on a PC following the Minimum Requirement.

+Processor: P4 (Pentium 4) or Higher

+RAM: Minimum 512 but better 1GB/2GB or above

+COM Ports: RS232 Serial Port, USB Port, and Ethernet port.

+Hard Disk: Minimum 1GB or Higher

+Monitor, Mouse & Keyboard

+OS: Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 & Microsoft windows 10 32bit & 64bit.

The installation process of XP Builder V3.7 Software

First of all, Download the LS HMI Software XP Builder V3.7, after downloading the XP Builder software, Then Unpack/Unzip the XP Builder Software

+Step 01: Then Double click on XP-Builder_V3.7.0706 and click on Run.

+Step 02: Select the installation “Language” then click on “OK.”

+Step 03: Then will show the Welcome to XP Builder installation wizard to continue to click on “Install”, then click on “Yes”, then click on “Next”

+Step 04: Then Enter the “User Information” tab for example plchmiservo.com, then click “Next” or “Only Next.”

+Step 05: Select the “Destination location” or press “Next.”

+Step 06: Click on “Install.” To continue the installation process.

+Step 07: Just wait for a few minutes for completing the installation of the software.

+Step 08: After that, the Driver must be installed for communication. So, click on the “Next.”

+Step 09: Click Driver “Install.”

+Step 10: After finishing the Driver Installation, click on “Finish.”

+Step 11: When XP-Builder V3.7.07 Software Installation is Done then click “Finish.”

When successfully installed “XP Builder Version 3.7” then You can open the XP-Builder V3.7 and create the New Project and Programming, also You can check all functions.

How to Upload/Download Program LS HMI by using the XP Builder software?

To Upload/Download Program LS HMI by using the XP Builder software V3.7, you can follow the below steps:


+Step 1: First Open the Software XP Builder V3.7.

+Step 2: Then Go to the “Communication” tab.

+Step 3: Click “Receive.”

+Step 4: Then Click “Setting” and select the communication Cable also Port Number

+Step 5: Click “Ok.”

+Step 6: Then select the project file save location.

+Step 7: Click “Upload.”


+Step 1: Open the LS HMI Software XP Builder, then create the project, after editing the program, or If you want to the Upload file again and download your HMI then you have to open the software, so go to the project and click on Open project

+Step 2: Then Go to “Communication.”

+Step 3: After that, Click on “Comm. Setting.”  For the programming cable setting

+Step 4: Now, select the communication cable Type RS-232C/USB/Ethernet also Select Port Number (If we used RS-232C Cable) and Click “OK.”

+Step 5: Click “Ok.”

+Step 6: Again, go to the “Communication.”

+Step 7: Finally, click on “Send.”

XP Builder Download V3.7 LS HMI software download Google Drive Link

We have provided the google drive link of XP Builder Download V3.7 LS HMI software download, so click on the link below to download your necessary software.

Link: + Download XP Builder V3.7 LS Electric Company Ltd, LS HMI Software 100% real



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