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KINCO Manufacture various types of PLC, HMI, Servo Drive, Stepper Drive, Motion Control, VFD, and Others Industrial devices. Today plchmiservo.com will discuss with you and all Users, KINCO VFD, and Manual. KINCO Automation Provides High Quality of Variable Frequency Drive. CV100 Series VFD has many functions High Accuracy, High Performance, anti-tripping Function, Wide Speed, Strong Speed Control, Flexible Input/output, etc.

CV100 VFD is used in various industries where, Dusty Environment, High Temperature & Humidity place, those of similar products made by others company. This Manual is very important for Users Proper Installation, Programming, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting. So please read the Manual Properly before the Installation of KINCO VFD of Proper Place.

Connection Wiring Diagram Shown in Figure

Three Phase AC power (R, S, and T) and Single-phase AC power (L, N): 440V/220V

U, V, W: Connection of Motor

B1, B2: Connect Breaking Resistor

Parameter/Programming of KINCO CV100 Series VFD

Impotent Parameter of KINCO CV Series VFD

A0.00-User Password

A0.01– Control Mode

A0.02– Main Reference Frequency Selector

A0.03– Set the operating Frequency in digital Mode.

A0.04-Method of inputting operator comments

A0.05- Set the Running Direction- Forward or Reverse

A0.06-Acc Time 1

A0.07-Dec Time 1

A0.08: Maximum Output Frequency (50 HZ-300.00HZ)-50HZ

A0.09: Max. Output Voltage (0-480)-

A0.10– Upper Limit of Frequency -50HZ

A0.11– Lower Limit of Frequency-0HZ

Motor Parameter of KINCO CV100 Series Inverter

d0.04: Output Frequency

d0.05: Output Voltage

d0.06: Output Current

d0.09: Motor Power

d0.10: Motor Estimated Frequency

d0.11: Motor Actual Frequency

d2.04: 01-Rated Capacity/Power (KW) (0 -999.9 KVA)-Depend On Drives Model

d2.05: -Rated Voltage (V) (0V-999V) – Depend on Drives Model

d2.06: -Rated Current (A) – (0 -999.9A) Depend on Drives Model

P1-04-Rated Frequency (Hz) – (50HZ/60HZ etc) Model Depend

P1-05-Rated Speed (RPM) – (1RPM-36000 RPM)-Depend on Model for example 2800 RPM

Terminal Connection

For JOG Speed Operation

A2.04– Jog operating Frequency (0.00HZ-50HZ)-

B4.01-Multiple function key definition, Jog Operation

Multi-Function of KINCO CV100 Series VFD

A6 Control Terminal Parameters

A6.00 –A6.04:  Multi-Function terminal: X1-X5

A6.00 –X1-Forward

A6.01 –X2-REVerse

A6.02 –X3-Multiple Close Loop Reference selection 1 -33

A6.03 –X4-Multiple Close Loop Reference selection 2-34

A6.04 –X5-Multiple Close Loop Reference selection 3 -35

+ KINCO CV100 Series VFD User Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o2lxPmaKYWyviOgFJ53rvo3fbhsMPPMs/view?usp=sharing

+ KINCO SV100 Series VFD User Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hv1_H0EWSYOo6dMDrc78YfDIVCOiUoBA/view?usp=sharing

+ KINCO FV20 Series VFD User Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kw-ficxxQ0YDFZ-wEZAWJ1XTSEzzizgi/view?usp=sharing

KINCO CV100 /SV100/FV20 Series Inverter Programming &Troubleshooting or If Any Problem for Install the VFD, Please contact with plchmiservo.com via mail, Admin will feedback to you as soon as possible.

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