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FRENIC Loader 4 Software is Used to Program and Monitor also Maintenance the FUJI Inverters. This software Developed by FUJI Electric Co., Ltd. Fuji inverter is very popular in the world because Fuji is a High Standard, High performance, and Multi Functions VFD. FUJI Inverter is used in several types of Industrial like food and packaging, any power and machinery industries, medicine, and other sectors.

Supported Model of “FRENIC Loader 4”

  • C1S/ C2S-Mini VFD.
  • F1S Series
  • E1S Series
  • G1S Series
  • AR1 Series
  • AQ1 Series
  • E2S Series
  • F2E Series
  • LM-2A
  • LM-2C-A

Software Supported “Operating Systems”:

  1. Microsoft Windows:-XP
  2. Microsoft Windows:-7, 32 & 64bit.
  3. Microsoft Windows:-8, 32 & 64bit.
  4. Microsoft Windows:-8.1, 32 & 64bit.
  5. Microsoft Windows:-10, 32 & 64bit.

+ [Download] FRENIC- Loader 4 _V1.0.3.2 FUJI VFD Software and Driver Software

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