[Download] XP Builder-V2.20 LS HMI Software Free 100% Real (Google Drive)

Software XP Builder V2.20 Is the Specialized Program editing software of LS XGT Panel Human Machine Interface. This software is free and also easy to program. The XP Builder Software has many functions and is Designed by LS Electric Co, Ltd. XP Builder V2.20 Software Supports Almost All LS XGT Panel HMIs. We can easily interface with programmable logic controllers (PLC), VFD, and servo. However, we are going the discuss [Download] XP Builder V2.20 LS HMI Software (Google Drive) with you, also how to download and Install the XP Builder software, also how to program and program upload and download.

Also, we would like to share the LS HMI Software programming with you, Also How to Program and Simulation, and Program Upload/Download.

Features of LS HMI Software XP Builder

XP Builder LS HMI Software has many features and Functions, which see some Below Also, [Download] XP Builder V2.20 LS HMI Software (Google Drive)

+Variety Functions and easy program
+Online and Offline Simulation Function.
+Supports Various Communication Protocols
+It Supports Multi-Language.

Supported Model of LS XP BUILDER V2.20:

XP Builder Version 2.20 Software Supports the following Models, However, [Download] XP Builder V2.20 LS HMI Software (Google Drive) then After Installation the software checks all models.

  • XP Series:XP 30-BTA/XP 30-BTE/ XP 30-TTA/ XP 30-TTE/ XP 40-TTA/XP 40-TTE/ XP 50-TTA/ XP 50-TTE/ XP 50-TTE/ XP 70-TTA/ XP 80-TTA/ XP 90-TTA
  • iXP Series:iXP50-TTA / iXP70-TTA /iXP80-TTA/ iXP90-TTA
  • eXP Series: eXP20-TTA/ eXP30-TTA/ eXP30-TTE/ Exp40-TTA/ eXP40-TTE/ eXP60-TTA
  • iXP2 Series:iXP2-0800/ iXP2-1000/ iXP2-1200/ iXP2-1500/ iXP2H-0702D/ iXP2H-0704D
  • IPC Series: PC/AT

Supported Windows of XP BUILDER:

XP Builder V2.2 Software Supports the Following Operation Systems

Microsoft Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10

XP Builder can be set up in three languages such as English, Chinese, and Korean.

Setup Process of XP BUILDER V2.20:

First [Download] XP Builder V2.20 LS HMI Software your required LS HMI Software XP Builder software from our website… Then Unzip the Software

+Step 01: After downloading and Unzipping The Software then Double click the software XP-Builder V2.20.2219 and Click Yes.

+Step 02: Select Language and Click OK.

+Step 03: Click Install Visual C++ 2005.

 +Step 04: Click Yes.

+Step 05: Click Next

+Step 06: Then User name: PLCHMISERVO.COM, Organization: PLCHMISERVO.COM then Click Next.

+Step 07: If Need to Change Another Drive click change and select the drive then click Next

+Step 08: Click install.

+Step 09: Click on Next.

+Step 10: Click on Install.

+Step 11: Click Finish (when The Installation Process is Complete)

How to Create Project by Using LS HMI Software

  1. Double Click on Software XP Builder V2.20
  2. Then Click Create Project
  • Then Select HMI Series & Model Also Select Controller

Click on Communication Setting and select the Communication System set the protocol and Series Port.

How to Simulation by using XP Builder Software:

Open the Software XP Builder V2.2 Then Go to Tools and Click the Simulation

End Simulation:

Go to File and click Exit.

How to Cable/PortCheck:

Right, Click on Computer/This PC/My PC then manages and click device manager and click +port also check the port number.

How to Upload/Download Progam LS HMI


  • First Open the Software XP Builder V2.2.
  • Then Go to Communication Click Receive then Click Setting and select the Cable also Port Number.
  • Click Ok.
  • Click Upload.


  • Open the LS HMI Software then Go to Communication then Click Comm. Setting then select the cable Type RS-232C/USB/Ethernet also Select Port Number (If we used RS-232C Cable) and Click OK.
  • Click Ok.
  • Click Communication then click Send.

Programming Cable Of LS PLC and LS HMI

We need to cable for the program Upload/Download LG PLC Programming Cable for Master-K120S/the 80S/XGB Series PLC to PC Communication cable (USB) Also Ethernet Cable & USB Cable.


Before downloading and Uploading the program must check your Cable and Comport, you must install this driver CH341SER.ZIP.



[Download] XP Builder V2.20 LS HMI Software (Google Drive)

We have given the [Download] XP Builder V2.20 LS HMI Software (Google Drive), a link to download your required software.

[Download] XP-Builder_V2.20.2219 “LS HMI Software

>>>Software Link:


For XP Builder Software installation or Software link Not Found, or Programming or Program Upload/Download, or any query or If you need LS HMI to please contact us Via WhatsApp at +8801713722455.

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