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XG5000 Software V4.73 for LS XGB PLC Software is a powerful programming software designed for LS XGB PLC also LS XBM, XGK, XGI, and XGR PLC. The XG5000 V4.73 is the latest programming tool of the LSIS Family. XG5000 Software is developed by LS Electric Co. Ltd. This software is highly efficient and user-friendly, allowing easy programming and configuration of your LS XGB PLC. With its advanced features, it enables easy monitoring and troubleshooting of your PLC programs. This software is widely used in automation industries for their programming needs. However, today plchmiservo.com would like to describe the XG5000 Software V4.73 LS XGB PLC Software Download also how to download the XG5000 Software & How to program and program Upload/Download.

Describe of XG5000 software of LSIS Automation

LS Electric Co. crafted and designed their XG5000 software specifically to manage energy in commercial and industrial establishments. XG5000 represents energy monitoring software. The XG5000 software, when integrated with the AMI system, facilitates real-time monitoring and control of energy usage. Also, it supports effective regulation of energy consumption. With XG5000, facility managers can effortlessly monitor power consumption along with voltage and current levels, the key power quality parameters.

Moreover, it can examine usage trends and pinpoint places where energy is squandered, which assists in cutting down expenses and emissions. By using customized dashboards, graphs, and charts, the user interface is simple to use and understand your energy data. In addition, it affords an instinctual approach to engaging with your data. In short, the XG5000 is an effective energy consumption management and optimization tool, ultimately helping industrial and commercial facilities reduce costs and improve energy efficiency

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Features of XG5000 Software

LS Electric’s XG5000 software offers a variety of features to monitor, manage, and optimize energy consumption in commercial and industrial facilities. We have given some main features of the XG5000 Software, which are listed below.

+ Real-time monitoring: The XG5000 software monitors power consumption, voltage levels, current levels, and other important power quality parameters in real-time.

+ Customizable dashboard: The software provides customizable dashboards that allow users to view quick snapshots of energy data of interest.

+ Historical data analysis: Facility managers can use their XG5000 to analyze historical energy usage patterns and identify trends.

+ Alarm and event management: The software provides visual and audible alarms to alert users when thresholds or abnormal conditions are detected.

+ Reporting and Analysis: The XG5000 software offers advanced reporting capabilities that allow all users to prepare and generate detailed energy reports and export them in various formats.

+ Distributed architecture: The XG5000 is based on a distributed architecture that offers flexibility and scalability to support a large number of meters and devices. 

+ Web-based interface: The software has a web-based interface that provides easy access to energy data from anywhere with an internet connection.

+ ENERGY STAR compliant: XG5000 software is ENERGY STAR compliant, meeting the energy efficiency standards.

Supported Models of XG5000 Software LS XGB PLC Software

This software supports the following models, such as


+XBC Series, XBM, and XBC series  

+XGB (IEC) Series



+XGS Series: XGS-CPU01A

+XMC Series: LSMMT, XMC series 


Supported Windows of XG5000 Software

The XG5000 software by LS Electric is compatible with the following Windows operating systems:

+ This software supports Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

+ XG5000 LS Software supports Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit)

+ The XG5000 Software supports Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit), We have set up the software for Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit without any problems.

Please note that the software may not work with older versions of Windows or other operating systems such as Mac OS or Linux. Additionally, make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for the software before you install it. These requirements are usually included in the software installation guide or on the LS Electric website.

History of ls electric co ltd

LS Electric Co. Ltd., previously known as LG Cable Ltd., was founded in 1974 in South Korea as a producer of electric wires and cables. Over time, the company has diversified into various areas such as power distribution, automation, renewable energy, and smart grid solutions. In 2005, LG Industrial Systems Co. Ltd. was created as a separate entity to focus on power distribution and automation solutions. In 2012, the LS Electric company changed its name to LSIS Co. Ltd. and expanded its business into renewable energy and smart grid solutions.

LSIS has made two significant acquisitions in recent years. One in 2013 when it purchased Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.’s power distribution business, and another in 2019 when it acquired the electric vehicle charging station business from a Dutch company, EV-box. As a result of this shift in focus toward the electric power industry, LSIS changed its name to LS Electric Co. Ltd. in the same year. Currently, LS Electric is recognized as a leader in the smart energy industry, offering innovative solutions to clients looking to optimize their energy usage, reduce expenses, and minimize their environmental footprint.

Application of LS Electric Products

LS Electric products are used in a wide range of applications across various industries. Here are some examples:

+ Power Distribution: LS Electric offers a diversified range of products and solutions for power distribution, including power monitoring systems, transformers, switchgear, and distribution automation solutions.

+ Industrial automation: LS Electric offers a whole lot of products for commercial automation packages, which include Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD).

+ Renewable Energy: LS Electric also gives multiple merchandise and systems for renewable energy packages, inclusive of wind and solar inverters, electricity garage systems, and microgrid solutions.

+ Electric Vehicles: LS Electric provides charging station products for electric vehicles, including AC chargers and DC fast chargers.

+ Smart grid solution: LS Electric offers a variety of smart grid solutions that help utilities and grid operators effectively manage their energy grids. These solutions include Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems, Distribution Management Systems (DMS), and Demand Response systems. LS Electric’s products are used in a variety of industrial sectors, including mining, oil and gas, marine, and transportation.


How to download the XG5000 Software?

To download the XG5000 software from LS Electric, you can follow these steps:

+Go to the LS Electric website (https://www.lselectric.com/), or plchmiservo.com website google drive link See the Below

+Click on the “Support” link at the top of the page.

+On the Support page, scroll down to “Software Downloads” and click on “View All.”

+Find XG5000 software on the software list and click on “Download.”

+You will be prompted to enter your contact information.

+After filling out the necessary details, click on “Submit.”

+A download link for the XG5000 software will be sent to your email address.

+Open your email, locate the email from LS Electric, and click on the download link.

+The XG5000 installation file will be downloaded to your computer.

+Once the download is complete, run the installation file and follow the prompts to install the software.

That’s it. You should now have XG5000 software installed on your computer and ready to use for energy monitoring and management in your industrial or commercial facility.

The installation process of the XG5000 Software?

To install the XG5000 software by LS Electric, you can follow these steps:

+Step 01: Download the XG5000 software installation file from the LS Electric website or the plchmiservo.com website

+Step 02: Once the download is complete, then extract the software and double-click on the installation file, and click on Run

+Step 03: The installation wizard will be open, so Click on “Install”, then will show the restart window, so click on Restart and wait for again start your PC.

+Step 04: Then again Open the software and click on XG5000_4.73_En

+Step 05: Then click on Install and wait

+Step 06: Then will show the “Installation wizard Window” and click on “Next to continue”

+Step 07: Type your user information  (User name & Organization) such as plchmiservo.com or others

+Step 08: Choose the destination folder where you want to install the software, then click “Next.”

+Step 09: Ready to install the Software XG5000 So click on install and wait.

+Step 10: Wait for the installation process to complete, take some time, “depending on the speed” of your computer “PC Hardware”.

+Step 11: Once the installation is complete, click “Finish” to exit the wizard.

+Step 12: The XG5000 software is now installed on your computer. Launch the software to start using it.

You should now have XG5000 software installed on your device.

How to check or how to problem find out by using the XG5000 PLC Software

LS XGB PLC supports the Diagnostics function, if you want the check the PLC alarm, then you have gone Online then go to the System diagnostics and click on PLC errors/warning and see the alarm and solve the issues. 

How to Programming and Simulation of the XG5000 XGB PLC Software

Double click on the XG5000 PLC Software, then create the project and select the plc model, then edit the program, after editing the program, you have to must write the End function of the program. Then save the project, then click on the tools and click on the Start simulator, then click on OK (Write to PLC), then click on OK again, then double click on the switch and click on OK (1 TRUE ON, 0 FAULE OFF)

How to Program Upload and download by using the XGB PLC Software XG5000

After editing and selecting the cable and click on Online and click on Connect, after connecting the cable then click on Write,

Open the software XG5000 XGB PLC Software, then go to the Online and click on connect when connecting the Programming cable then click on the Read, when upload completed then save the project and select your save location.

How to program cable select the LS Electric PLC

LS PLC has three types of communication ports such as round port, ethernet port, and USB port, before the program or program upload download, you have to select the programming cable, so see the PLC Model and select the programming cable, especially for the round port, you can use the USB-LG-XGB Cable, this cable supports the All LS PLC &HMI Round port, also This cable supports the   ls master k PLC

Download XG5000 Software V4.73 LS XGB PLC Software Download Google Drive Link

We have given the XG5000 Software V4.73 LS XGB PLC Software Download google drive link, so click on the link to download your required software

Link: +Download LS Latest XGB+XGK+XGI+XBM+XGR PLC Software XG5000 V4.73 Free 100% real

Another Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a7hB-Piy9leGunxl99u0434pi6f51Ltt/view?usp=share_link


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