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Panasonic Provides Various Types of Industrial Products Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Human Machine Interface (HMI), Servo Drive, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Sensors, etc Panasonic servo drive is very popular in the World. Panasonic Produce Various types of VFD Such as MK100, MK300 Series, MK500 Series, VF0 Series, VF100 & VF200, Today plchmiservo.com would like to share the Panasonic VFD VF 200 Manual and How to Program of VFD,

Before Installation of the Panasonic VFD VF200 Please read the Manual Properly of VFD otherwise you can face many problems, such as May Damage to your VFD or even you can die.

Model Description of VF200 VFD

Features of Panasonic VF200 Series VFD

+ Panasonic VF200 Series VFD Accepted the Company’s Original Vector Control Technology, and Low Speed but produce high Torque (1HZ to 150%)  

+Panasonic VF200 VFD Used to Large Operation Panel.

+Easy to Operate and Easy to use

+Have High-Speed Current Limiting Protection System.

+Panasonic VF200 Series VFD has Output Short Circuit Protection.

+We can be Easily Copy parameters and Used to Another VFD

Connection Diagram

Single Phase Connection Diagram of Panasonic VF200 Series VFD

Three Phase Connection Diagram

For Single Phase: L & N-Power Supply, For Three Phases: R/L1, S/L2, and T/L3-Power Supply

Motor Connection Single and Three Phase are same:  U, V, and W

Basic All Parameter of Panasonic VF200 Series VFD

P150- Password Set, If you Need (1-9999)

P151-Setting Data Clear/Factory Reset

P001-The 1st Acceleration Time (0.1 to 3600 sec)

P002-The 1st Deceleration Time (0.1 to 3600 sec)

P003-Run Commend Select- Panel/ External Control or Communication

P004-Frequency Setting Signal- Panel (Potentiometer or Digital Setting), External Control (Potentiometer, 0-5V, 0-10V) or Communication, Panel Potentiometer

P008– “Maximum” Output Frequency

P009– Base Frequency – (45 to 400 HZ)

P014: Max. Output Voltage (1 to 500V)

P029: Start Frequency (0.5to 60HZ)

P029: Stop Frequency (0.5to 60HZ)

P099– Lower Frequency Limit- range 0.5 to 400

P100– Upper Frequency Limit- range 0.5 to 400HZ

For JOG Speed Operation

P042– JOG Frequency (0.5 to 400HZ)

P043-JOG Acceleration time -0.1 to 3600s

P044– JOG Deceleration time-0.1 to 3600s

Multi-Function of Panasonic VF200 Series Inverter

P045- Multi-Speed Function Select

Multi-Speed Switch Function

P036- SW1 Function Select, Terminal 4

P037- SW2 Function Select, Terminal 5

P038- SW3 Function Select, Terminal 6

P039- SW4 Function Select, Terminal 7

P040- SW5 Function Select, Terminal 8

Multi-Step Speed Setting

P046-The 2nd Speed Frequency

P047-The 3rd Speed Frequency

P048-The 4th Speed Frequency

P049-The 5th Speed Frequency

P050-The 6th Speed Frequency

P051-The 7th Speed Frequency

P052-The 8th Speed Frequency


P060-The 16th Speed Frequency

Range 0.5 to 400 HZ

P129-Vector Control Select

P130-Motor Capacity

P131- Motor Pole Number

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+Panasonic VF200 Series VFD User Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T6z1g6Q2rXpbcJEE-MlV0m8eg0clL8IN/view?usp=sharing

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