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The Software X-Designer Plus Ver4.8.31.0 is the programming software for XTOP and HTOP series, Human Machine Interface (HMI) company M2I Corporation (Korea). Although now M2I HMI is Discontinued Product. but this HMI has been used in various Machines. However, today we are going the discuss [Download] XDesigner Plus Download M2I XTOP HMI Software with you and also How to download and Program by using the M2i X designer software.

Supported Model of XDesigner+ HMIs

 XTOP Series:




HTOP Series:


Supported OS of X Designer Software

XDesigner Plus software is a Windows-based screen design software that supported OS

  1. Microsoft win-XP/Vista
  2. Microsoft win-7
  3. Microsoft win-8
  4. Microsoft win-8.1
  5. Microsoft win-10

The software Setup process of “XDesigner Plus V4.8”:

ST01: Unzip the software XDesignerPlus then Double click (V4.8.31 Setup) and click yes.

 ST02: Welcome to ‘XDesignerPlusV4’ then click on next.

ST03: Types your information for the software setup XDesigner

ST04: Then Click on Next for the install USB Driver

ST05: USB Driver Install successfully install so click finish

ST06: Again Click Next 2 Times

ST07: Now click install and wait for the installation until the total software setup process is complete.

ST08: Then Restart your Computer and wait again the run PC Click ‘Finish’

We have given the X Designer Plus Download M2I XTOP HMI Software Google drive link, so click on the link and download the M2i XTOP HMI Software.

+ [Download] XDesigner Plus_V4.8.31 M21 XTOP/ HTOP HMI Software

>>>Download Link:


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+M2i old series HMI Software