[Download] Kinco Manual-Kinco HMI to All PLC Connection Guide Manual

Kinco HMI is one of the largest Chinese HMIs. Kinco HMI Has Various Features E.g 65536 (TFT) Color Display, Display Size: From 4.3″  to 15″, Memory & USB Host Supports, Video Input Interface & Multi-Protocol  Modbus  TCP/RTU/ASCII, RS232/422/485/Ethernet ports.

Today I want to tell you how to make cable All PLC- Kinco HMI and minimize your cost. So I want to share the Kinco Manual “Kinco HMI” Connection Manual-All PLC.

Connection Diagrams

+01: Kinco HMI-Delta DVP Series PLC “Connection diagram”

+02: Kinco – Mitsubishi “FX Series” PLC/ Cable connecting picture

+03: Kinco “PLC- HMI” Connection Diagram

+04: Fatek FB>Kinco Panel/HMI

+05: Xinje PLC-Kinco “HMI”

Therefore Friends, Here see the diagrams & all Diagrams are OK, So you can solder All Interface (HMI-PLC) cables & with no problem. Thanks for reading our content please like comment and share the article with your friends.

PDF Download

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>>>>Kinco -HMI -Connecting -Manual  

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QWyyKRAsHWOfrhUYm6KiqxBhhJ_5lWya/view?usp=sharing