[Download] Shihlin Servo Soft V2 “Shihlin” Servo Software-Free Real

Shihlin Electric and Engineering Ltd were Founded in 1955. Shihlin has Many types of Products in the world specially Automation and Automobile product, Electric products, Industrial Control Equipments and Circuit Breaker and Switchgear, etc. Shihlin Servo Soft is the specialized programming software of Shihlin servo Drive. This software has powerful functions, easy to work & Operate, and has a quick response.

Supported “Models”:

  • SDA Series
  • SDB Series

Features of SDA Servos

+Frequency Response is very high

+Multi types of control mode such as Position, Speed, Torque, and Single Axis Control Mode

+Modbus protocol Supports

+Supports USB, RS-232/RS485 Communications

Supported OS “SL Servo Soft”:

SL Software in the Windows-based software so software supports Win-XP, 7, 8, 8.1 & Win 10

Software “Setup” System SL Servo:

ST01: Unzip the software and click the SL Servo_Soft and Yes

ST02: Type User Information’s and “press next”

ST03: Select ‘Everyone’ and ‘Next’

ST04: Select ‘next’ to continue the ‘setup’ process

ST05: If “Installation completed” then click ‘close’ or exit

ST06: Then check the software “version” and information’s 

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+ [Download] SL Servo_Soft V2 Shihlin Servo Software

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