[Download] Xinje XDPPro Xinje PLC Software Download

[Download] Xinje XDPPro Xinje PLC Software Download

[Download] Xinje XDPPro V3.7.17B Xinje PLC Programming Software Download for Xinje PLC Latest Version

Xinje XDPPro is a specialized programming software that is specifically crafted to program the most recent versions of Xinje PLCs or Programmable Logic Controllers. The latest version of this software is XDPPro V3.7.17b, which was released on October 13, 2023. This software supports various programming languages such as IL (Instruction List), LD (Ladder Diagram), Function Block Diagram (FBD), and Function Library. One interesting aspect of Xinje PLCs is that they can be programmed, uploaded, and downloaded using the same programming cables as Delta PLCs. In fact, the Delta ACAB230 Programming cable can be used for this purpose. Xinje PLCs are known for their simplicity and ease of use in design, making them highly preferred in the industry. These PLCs offer powerful functionalities including high-speed pulse, ASCII, PWM, basic functions and PID, MODBUS-RTU, and more. Xinje PLCs are equipped with a highly secure system, making it virtually impossible to crack the password. Moreover, their pricing is reasonable, and their communication systems are straightforward. Moving on to the topic of today, we plchmiservo will be discussing the [Download] Xinje XDPPro Xinje PLC Software Download, About Xinje automation, Supported Models of Xinje PLC programming software XDPPro, Supported Windows Xinje PLC program tool. We will also guide you through the installation process of this software.

+Xinje touchwin HMI Software

+Xinje TouchWIN Pro Xinje HMI Software

About Xinje automation

Xinje automation or Xinje Electric Co. Ltd. is a Chinese company that develops, manufactures, and sells industrial automation products. Their product offerings include HMIs (human-machine interfaces), PLCs (programmable logic controllers), special modules, and controllers for industrial control. They also provide communication modules, cloud platforms, and various other automation products. Xinje’s products are used in a wide range of industries such as packaging, printing, food and drink, and electronics manufacturing. Xinje was founded in 2008, in Wuxi, China.

Supported Models of Xinje PLC programming software XDPPro

The XDPPro Xinje PLC programming software is compatible with a wide range of models such as:

+XINJE XG Series: XG1/ XG2

+XINJE XD Series: XDE, XDM, XD1, XD2, XD3, XD3E (N), XD5E, XD5, XDC, XDH, XDME, XDQ7

+XINJE XK Series: XKME, XK1, XK3, XK5E, XK5, XKH

+XINJE XL Series: XLME, XL1, XL3, XL5E, XL5E (N), XL5, XLH, XL5H, XL5N XLQ7

+XINJE XE Series: XEM, XE1, XEC, XE2, XE3, XE5E, XE3E, XE3E (N), XEE, XE5, XEH, XEME, XEQ7

+XINJE RC Series: RC6H/ RC2/ RC3/ RC6/RC6F

+IIC Series: A300, A310

Supported Windows Xinje PLC program tool

+MS Windows XP

+MS Windows Vista

+MS Windows 98/ME

+MS Windows 10

+MS Windows 8

+MS Windows 7

How to installed the Xinje PLC software

To begin, you can download the Xinje PLC Software XDPPro V3.7.17b by visiting our website plchmiservo.com. After downloading it, make sure to extract the XDPPro software.

+Step 1: After extracting the software, double click XDPPro V3.7.17b_en and click Yes.

+Step 2: You are now in the Xinje PLC Program tool Setup Wizard V3.7.17b window. So, press on the “Next” tab.

+Step 3: Choose the location for the installation folder. Alternatively, if you prefer to use the default location for setting up XDPPro software, click on Next to proceed.

+Step 4: After that, the select start menu folder window will appear. You can choose the start menu folder or click on Next to proceed.

+Step 5: Then, the Ready to install window will appear. Click on Install and wait for the XDPPro V3.7.17b Software to be installed.

+Step 6: After the successful installation of the XDPPro V3.7.17b software, proceed by clicking on the Finish button.

+Step 7: After installing software XDPPro V3.7.17b and setting it up, we have generated the Dol starter program as depicted in the figure below.

+Step 8: Once you have completed the setup of the XDPPro V3.7.17b software, it is necessary to proceed with the installation of the XNetSetup_en. To initiate this process, simply double-click on the XNetSetup_en.exe file and select the “Yes” option. Then, carefully follow the step-by-step instructions to properly set up the software.

+Step 9: Finally, press the “Finish” tab after successfully installing the XNet software for accomplishing the installation process.


If you require assistance with the setup or programming of the XDPPro V3.7.17b XINJE PLC Software, or need help with uploading or downloading programs, or troubleshooting, please feel free to contact us via email at plchmiservo1@gmail.com or through WhatsApp at +8801713722455. Hopefully, you find this information valuable. So, don’t forget to share it with others.

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