[Download] Vigor PLC Software Free Download V0.78 Vigor VS Series 100% Real (Google Drive)

Software Ladder Master S Ver.0.78 and V0.79 is the vigor VS1 (General Type), VS2 (Advanced Type), VS3 (More Powerful Type), and VSM (Motion Control) Programming Software for Vigor PLCs. PLC VS Series is the New Generation and High Function PLC of Vigor Electronics Corp. Vigor is a Reasonable price, durable, and has Excellent PLC. This Software Support Windows XP, 98, 7, 8, and Windows 10. However, Today plchmiservo.com would like to share the [Download] Vigor PLC Software Free Download Vigor VS series Programming software, also how to download the Vigor PLC Software Free Download and installed it properly.

What is Vigor Ladder master for VS Series PLC Vigor Software?

The Vigor Ladder Master for VS Series PLC is a powerful and versatile programming environment used for developing software applications for the Vigor VS Series Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). It is a comprehensive development platform that provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features for quickly and easily creating and customizing PLC programs. It provides an easy way to create programs for Vigor VS Series PLCs. The VS Series PLC allows users to create programs using a graphical ladder diagram and offers advanced debugging and optimization capabilities. With Vigor Ladder master for VS Series PLC, you can create and edit programs for Vigor VS Series PLCs without any prior knowledge of programming.

Vigor Ladder master for VS Series PLC consists of two main parts. These two parts are the Ladder Editor and the Simulator. The Ladder Editor is used to create and edit programs. The Simulator is used to test programs. Again, the Ladder Editor consists of two main parts: the Program Canvas and the Program List. The Program Canvas is used to visually create and edit programs. The Program List is used to manage programs. The Simulator consists of two main parts: the Simulator window and the Program window. The Simulator window is used to simulate the execution of programs. The Program window is used to view and edit programs.

Supported Programming Language of Vigor PLC Software VS Series

Vigor PLC Software Supports Programming Languages such as Ladder Diagram and Sequential Function Chart (SFC) or Ladder Diagram and Step Ladder (STL)

How to Choose the Sensor of the Input Terminal of Vigor PLC

Vigor VS1, VS2, VS3, VSM PLC Input Indicates X0, X1….X7 (Octal), and Output Indicates Y0, Y1……..Y7 (Octal), we can easily use Extension Module with Main CPU. The First Extension Module Input Points Indicate X20, X21, X22….X27, and The First Extension Module Output Points Indicate Y20, Y21 …Y27.

The Vigor VS Series PLC Input Circuit Terminal is Bidirectional. So it can be used Either as a Source type Circuit (When Your PLC VS Series S/S Terminal is Connected to the Negative 24V DC) Then you must be used the PNP Transistor Sensor, or It can be used as a Sink type Circuit (When Vigor VS Series PLC S/S Terminal is Connected to the Positive 24V DC), you must be used the NPN Transistor Sensor.

Supported Model and Series of Vigor PLC Software Vigor VS

Ladder Master Software Supports the following model VIGOR VS1, VS2, VSM, VSM-28-ML, and VS3 Series.

Setup Process of Vigor PLC Software Ladder Masters V0.78

First of All [Download] the Vigor PLC Software from our website plchmiservo.com, Then Open the Software Create the project and Check the Models of VIGOR VS Series PLC.

+Step 1: Then Click On Setup.

+Step 2: Welcome to the Ladder MasterS Setup Wizard Shown Figure then click Next.

+Step 3: Select the Installation Folder Shown in Figure Click Browse and Select the Drive Click Next.

 +Step 4: Click Next and Confirm Installation.

+Step 5: When Ladder Master V0.78 has been successfully installed then Click Close.

+Step 6: After Successfully installation, we need to install the driver on your computer click the Install

After Setup Shown in Figure.

How to Create Projects and Programming by using Vigor PLC Software

  • Double Click the Software Ladder MasterS
  • Then Click File then Click New.

Select Series and Model and Click OK.

Edit the Program after Edit the Program

How to Cable/Port Check:

  • Go to System then Click the Connection Type Setup.

Then Select the Cable and Click OK.

How to Program Upload and Download System


After Selecting, the Cable then Click Connect and Write Project to PLC.

Or Click the Shown in Figure


After Selecting, the PLC Communication Cable then Go to Connect And Click the Read Project from PLC.

OR Click the Shown as Figure.

How to Factory Reset or PLC Start and Stop Mode

Go to the Connect and Click PLC Initialize and (The PLC is Format)

Go to the connect and Click PLC…. Run (The PLC is Run Mode)

Go to the Connect and Click PLC… Stop (The PLC is in Stop Mode)

Programming Cable of Vigor PLC

For Program Upload/Download we need to Mini USB Cable/Ethernet or Comport Cable.

****Vigor PLC Software Free Download Google Drive Link****

We have given the [Download] Vigor PLC Software Free Download Vigor VS series Google drive link, so click on the link to download the Vigor VS Series PLC Software.

+ [Download] Ladder Master S -V0.79 “Vigor PLC Software”

****Vigor Software Link:


Download the VIGOR PLC Manual Link

+ VIGOR VS Series PLC Programming Manual and Analog Module Manual

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