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TouchWIN Edit tool V2.E.5a is the screen designing programming software of XINJE Touch Panel, Xinje is a Chinese Human Machine Interface (HMI), For Easy programming and cheaper price Xinje is the best HMI. The TouchWIN HMI has USB and RS232 ports also Ethernet ports. So, users Can easily Upload & Download programs using the USB & Ethernet cable. If you want Program Upload & Download then you have to install the Thinget USB Driver, otherwise, you cannot Download & Upload the program. TouchWIN HMI has powerful functions, also you Can communicate with various types of Programmable Logic controllers (PLC). However, today we are going to show the TouchWIN HMI Software Free Download TouchWIN Software with you, also how to Download the touchWIN HMI Software, and the program Upload & Download.

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Supported Windows Operating System of TouchWIN HMI Software

TouchWIN HMI Software ThouchWIN Edit tool is a windows-based programming software, so this software supports the following Operating systems.

+Microsoft WIN 98/ME

+Microsoft WIN XP/2000

+Microsoft WIN7, 32bit & 64bit, RAM Need Minimum 2GB or Above

+Microsoft WIN8 & 8.1, 32bit & 64bit, RAM: Minimum 2GB/ 4GB or above

+Microsoft WIN10, 32bit/64bit, RAM: Minimum 2GB But recommended 4GB/ 8GB, Disk space Need 1 GB but Recommended need to HDD  128 GB/256GB above.

Supported Model of the TouchWIN Edit Tool

TouchWin Edit tool V2.E.5a Supports the following models

+TG60 Series Touch Panel: TG465-MT/ UT/ XT/ ET/ MT2/ UT2

+TG765 (s)- MT/ UT/ XT/ ET/ NT, MTG765, TG865- MT/ UT/ ET,

TG865- MT/ UT/ ET/ NT(N), TGA62- MT/ UT/ ET, TGA62- MT/ UT/ ET/ NT(N),

TGA63- MT/ UT/ ET/ NT, TGC65- MT/ UT/ ET, TGM465- MT/ XT/ ET, TGM765(s)- MT/ ET, TGM865/ A62- MT/ XT/ ET, TGMA63/ TGMC65- MT/ NT/ ET

+TE60 Series Touch Panel: TE765(s)-MT/ ET/ UT

+CCSG Series Touch Control Panel: CCSG765- MT/ UT/ ET, CCSGA62-MT/ ET, CCSGC65-ET

+MN60 Series Touch Panel, PC HMI Software

Setup Process of TouchWin Edit tools_V2.99:

Download the TouchWIN HMI software TouchWIN Edit Tool software from our website

+Step 01: Unzip the TouchWIN software, Then Double Click on TouchWin V2.E.5a Setup, then click on Yes.

+Step 02: Welcome to the TouchWin Edit tool V2.E.5a Setup Wizard Windows show so Click on Next.

+Step 03: Then will show License agreement windows show so click on “I accept the Agreement” and click Next.

+Step 04: Then input the User Name & Company Name: plchmiservo, then click on Next

+Step 05: Select the Destination Location, so click on Browse and select your installation location, or want to install to the default location then click on Next, then choose the start menu folder, and click on Next

+Step 06: The software TouchWIN Edit tool is ready to install so click on the install and wait for the installation

+Step 07: Then install the Driver, so click on Next Step by step when installation is finished then click on finish.

How to Program Upload and Download By using the TouchWIN HMI Software:

Download Program:

+Open the Software TouchWIN Edit Tool, then click on the file and Select HMI Model and PLC Series then create the project, after creating the project then click on File and click on Download or Click on Download Symbol and wait for the download program.

Upload Program:

We know that every automation Software has a minimum of two upload procedures.

Number 1 Double click on the TouchWIN Edit tool then click on the Upload Icon

Step 2 go to file and select the HMI Model, then click on the Upload icon and wait for Upload the program. Then save the project and chose your file location.

Download TouchWIN HMI Software Google Drive Link

We have given the TouchWIN HMI Software Free Download TouchWIN Software (Google Drive) Link, so click on the below link to download your required software.

+[Download] TouchWin or Xinje HMI Software V2.E.5a

+[Download] TouchWIN or Xinje Software Download V2.e2 Xinje Software

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