[DIY/Cable] Omron RS232 Pinout OMRON CJ CS & CQ Series PLC Cable

Omron is a very popular Brand like Siemens Brands in the world. When we need to troubleshoot or Upload/Download the program of Some Omron Old Series PLC, then we must be used RS232 Port because Omron Old Series PLC has no Ethernet or USB Port.

So now plchmiservo.com would like to share the Programming Cable Omron RS232 Pinout and How to Make the Omron Communication Cable (PLC to PC). Cable making is Very easy & the cost is very low.

Need a Device for Cable Making

+01: DB9- Male for PLC (RS232 Port) Site Connection  

+02: DB9-Female for Computer site Connection

+04: Good Quality Soldering Iron for Soldering and Multimeter used to check the connections cable.

Making Procedure Programming Cable

>>>>Follow the Cable Diagram and Properly Solder the All Cables

plchmiservo.com tested this Cable and Everything is OK.

Thanks, Guys!