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Hi Friends, Holip is a very good Durable, and High-performance Inverter. Holip is a VFD Brand name of Danfoss Group Denmark and was established in 1993. Holip Inverter is Widely used in various Factories In the World such as Textile, Printing, and Dying Industries, Plastics, Paper, Steel Mill, Chemical Industries, Air compressors, Crane, and etc Machines. However, Today plchmiservo.com would like to share the [Download] Holip Inverter Manual Pdf HOLIP Inverter Pdf, also share the Holip VFD SP110, HLP-A100 & HLP-C100 VFD User manual, also How to setup and download the Holip SP110 inverter, and How to Program it by using it manually

Please read the manual carefully for the installation and programming, if you did not read the Holip VFD Manual then you will face many problems, which you can die.

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Description of Programming Parameter of HLP-SP110 Series VFD:

How to set the parameter by using the keypad, also Holip inverter manual

First, check this Parameter

C00.40-Hand Key Option: 1-Enable

C00.41-Off Key Option-1 Enable

C00.42-Auto Key Option-1 Enable

Then set the Motor Parameter

C01.20-Motor Power- For Example 0.75KW/2.2kw etc

C01.21-Motor Voltage- 380V

C01.20-Motor Frequency- 50HZ/60HZ

C01.20-Motor Current- 2.2A

C01.20-Motor Speed- 2800 RPM

Now need to set the operating Mode

C03.15-Reference Source-1: Terminal VI (External)

C03.15-Reference Source-21: LCP Potentiometer (Keypad Potentiometer)

C03.41-Ramp 1 Ramp up time-10 sec, 20 sec, etc

C03.42-Ramp 1 Ramp Down time-10 sec, 15 sec, 20 sec, etc

C04.12-Motor Speed Low limit-0Hz

C04.14-Motor Speed High limit-50Hz

C05.10-Terminal Forward (FOR)-8: (Start)

C05.11-Terminal Reverse (REV)-11: (Start Reverseing)

If you want to run Jog Mode Must set the Parameter

C03.11-Jog Speed (0-50HZ)-10HZ, 20 HZ etc.

C05.12- Terminal DI1-14: Jog

Or Another Terminal

If you want to run the VFD Multi-Function then you need to set this parameter

C03.07-Main Reference Calculation-1 preset reference priority

C03.10-Preset Reference Set the (-100 to 100HZ)

Then set the DI

C05.12-Terminal DI1-15

C05.13-Terminal DI2-16

C05.14-Terminal DI3-17

C05.15-Terminal DI4-18

C06.81-LCP Port Min Ref—100 (REV)

C06.81-LCP Port MAX Ref 100 (FWD)

How to Reset the HOLIP HLP-110 VFD

Go to the parameter number C14.20-Reset Mode-0 Manual Reset

C14.22-Operation Mode-2: Initialization

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Holip VFD Manual HLP-SP110 VFD Manual

+Holip inverter Manual PDF HLP-SP110

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1adaHRVUKId8E575bf9a3RX8Tz13zEqdE/view?usp=sharing

HLP A100 Inverter HLP-A100 VFD Manual

+Holip inverter Manual PDF HLP-A100

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SMR99jjqfQoEUlOTonILBRjtehgvhS9V/view?usp=sharing

Holip Inverter Manual HLP-C100 VFD Manual

+Holip inverter Manual PDF HLP-C100

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C5YBzKDkQCHHpV1oYdx6tHFcOXoLP3E_/view?usp=sharing

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