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V-SFT V6.0.30 is the programming/Designing/Monitoring/alarming software of FUJI Monitouch HMI and this software is the latest version of the Hakko electronics and Supports FUJI New Generation HMIs V9 and TS Series. However, today plchmiservo.com would to share the [Download] V SFT V6 Download Fuji HMI Software Also how to install the V SFT V6 software and how to download the software and program upload and download.

What is V SFT Software V6?

v sft software V6 Software is the cutting-edge alarming, designing, programming, and monitoring software developed by FUJI Monitouch HMI. It is the most advanced version of Hakko electronics software and is fully compatible with FUJI’s new generation HMIs, specifically the V9 and TS Series. This software, known as V-SFT V6, is the most up-to-date and innovative programming and designing tool available for the MoniTouch HMI series offered by HAKKO/FUJI.

Features of V SFT Software V6 Fuji HMI Software

+The V SFT Software V6 Fuji HMI Software offers a multitude of features that enhance its usability and functionality. One notable feature is the configuration of easy-to-view screens, which includes an increased number of picture icons and the addition of icons with plain designs.

+Enables users to choose from a wide range of ready-made icons for sophisticated representation. Additionally, popular simple icons commonly used on smartphones have been introduced.

+The search menu, which used to be displayed separately, has now been integrated for easy operation. Users can conveniently access the search function without having to navigate through multiple menus.

+In terms of system requirements, the V-SFT Ver.6 software is compatible with various Microsoft operating systems including Windows-XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 with the Version of 32 bit & 64 bit. The recommended CPU is Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or above, and a minimum of 1 GB RAM is required (2 GB or above recommended). Users should also ensure they have at least 2.0 GB of free disk space before installation. Additionally, a high-color display is recommended for optimal viewing experience.

+The software provides graphic indication of the system configuration, allowing users to easily understand how devices are connected in the system by improving hardware setting screen.

PC Requirements and Supported (“Operating System”):

  • Microsoft Wind-XP & Vista, (Ver. 32 bit & Ver. 64 bit)
  • Microsoft Windows-7- (32 bit & 64 bit)
  • Microsoft Windows-8-(32 bit & 64 bit)
  • Microsoft Windows-10 – (32-bit & 64-bit).

+P4 2.0 GHz or Higher Recommended
+RAM-1.0 GB or More (2.0GB or Higher Recommended)
+Before Installation Check HardDisk Free Space, a Minimum of 2.0 GB or Above is Recommended.
+High Colour Display.

Supported “Model” of V SFT V6.0.30:

Models that the V SFT V6 software supports are as follows:

  • V9 Series: V915*iX/V912*iS/V910*iW/V910*i/V910*iC/V908*i/V908*iC

V907*iW/ V906*It

  • Version  (V8 Series) and S8 Series
  • TS Series: TS110*, TS107*/TS2060/TS1100S/TS1070S
  • TELLUS Ver.4 & TELLUS Ver.3

Check the Version after setup.

FUJI HMI V SFT V6 Program Upload & Download System:

[How to Download the Program]

Go to the Transfer then click the Download

Click the [communication setting] >Select Cable Then > [“ok”] then Click PC->

Downloading the project shown in the figure

[How to Upload System the Project:]

Open the software from your computer then click (Transfer).”

Select the HMI programming Cable & click the [PC<-.] Wait for uploading the program then save the program.

How to v sft 6 software free download?

+In order to download the v sft 6 software free download Fuji HMI Software, simply open your preferred web browser and navigate to google.com. Once there, enter the search query “V SFT V6 Fuji HMI Software free download from Fuji Electric website” to access the download page.

+The V SFT V6 software download page of Fuji Electric is under the “Support” section. Go to the Fuji Electric’s download page or click here- V SFT V6 Software download.


+Finally, click on download link of the v sft v6 software download to start downloading.

+**Users also have another option to download the v sft 6 software free download by accessing the (http://plchmiservo.com) website and selecting the “V SFT V6 Fuji HMI Software Google drive link” for download.

What is Monitouch ts1070 software download?

Fuji Monitouch TS1070 programming software is V-SFT (version 5 & version 6) Configuration Software. To download monitouch ts1070 software download go to below and click on Google drive Link.

Fuji Electric’s Monitouch V-SFT Configuration Software provides users with a range of advanced features and user-friendly tools, making it effortless to navigate and configure HMI displays. With its intuitive interface, users can easily access and view information, customize system settings, and efficiently search for specific data. Fuji Monitouch TS1070 is part of the TECHNOSHOT- Monitouch HMI Series, which offers a lineup of programmable displays known for their exceptional visibility and vibrant TFT color liquid crystal wide screens. These displays boast a high-resolution and fast response time, enabling them to effectively convey information and deliver a visually compelling user experience.

Specifications of Fuji Monitouch TS1070 HMI

+Extended Product Type/Category: Fuji HMI/Touch Screen

+Product ID : TS1070

+Fuji Type Designation: HMI/Touch Screen

+Resolution: 800 × 480 dots

+Display size: 7” Wide

+Colors: 65,536 colors

+Battery: Coin-type lithium primary battery

+SRAM: 128 KB

+Voltage Range: [ V ± 10 %]

+Dimensions (W × H × D): 215.0 × 155.0 × 42.0 mm

+Operation altitude: 2,000 meters or less

>>>Download V SFT V6 Google Drive Link>>>

We have given the V SFT Download Fuji HMI Software google drive link to download the required software.

+ [Download] V-SFT-V6.0.30 Fuji HMI Software

Download Link:


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