[Download] T PDS32 Version “Toshiba PLC” Software-Real

Toshiba is a brand name in Japan and Toshiba PLC is very good but Toshiba has now stopped its PLC production. T PDS32 is the Programming Software of Toshiba PLC. This software supports Toshiba T Series Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). T PDS32 software is very useful for PLC Maintenance Also Debug Program and Download programs into PLC. However, today plchmiservo.com would like to share the T PDS32 Version “Toshiba” PLC Software Real with you and also how to download the software.

Toshiba PLC uses both simple and complex applications, So the Toshiba Programmable Logic controller has been used in Manufacturing Factories and others sectors.

Supported “Models T PDS32” Toshiba” PLC Software:

TPDS32 software supports the models following below

  • TL-S20
  • TL-S20LP
  • TL-F10
  • T1/T1S
  •  T2E/T2N
  • /T3/T3H

Operating Systems of Toshiba Software:

TPDS32 software supports the following operating system which is given below.

  • Microsoft Windows-95
  • Microsoft Windows-98, Me, NT4.0
  • Microsoft Windows-2000
  • Microsoft Windows-XP
  • Microsoft Windows-Vista/32bit
  • PC Configurations
  • +CPU: Pentium(R) 150MHz (or Higher)
  • +Memory: 32MB (or More)
  • +HDD: 80MB (or Above)

The software supports only 32-bit Operating Systems.

Since our operating system is Windows 10 64-bit, it is not possible to set up the software.

>>Download T PDS32 Software Google Drive Link

We have given the software link [Download] T PDS32 Version “Toshiba” PLC Software Real google drive, so click on the link to download the required software.

+ [Download] T-PDS32 “Toshiba PLC Software”

>>>Toshiba PLC Software another Link:


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