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A VFD is an electronic device that controls the speed and torque of electric motors by varying the Voltage and Frequency supplied to the motor. The Delta MS300 is a variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and manufactured by Delta Electronics. The Delta MS300 Series Variable frequency drive is a new generation and Compact frequency drive. Delta MS300 is a versatile Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) also Reliable, High efficiency, and has advanced functions. The delta VFDs MS300 is designed for use in industrial sectors and Others Sectors and is capable of controlling a wide range of motors such as Induction motors, Synchronous reluctance Motors, and Permanent Magnet Motors. If you want to install and program and Troubleshoot VFD then you have to read the Delta MS300 VFD manual carefully. Today we are going to show the Delta MS300 Manual Pdf Delta MS300 Fault Codes also How to download the Delta MS300 VFD Manual, and How to setup Delta MS300 VFD and Programming & How to fault find out by using the Delta MS300 Fault Codes.

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Some features of MS300 Series VFDs

+The Power range of MS300 VFD is 0.75 KW to 75 KW (1 HP-100 HP)

+The Input Voltage Range of MS300 series Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) 200V to 480V

+ Output frequency Range Standard Models 0 to 599 HZ, and High-speed Models 0 to 1500 HZ.

+Multiple control Mode including V/F Control, Sensor less and close loop Vector control Loop control.

+Built-in communication protocols such as PID Control, MODBUS RTU, BACnet MS/TP, Profibus DP, PROFINET, and CANopen

+Automatic Torque boost control Function to provide extra torque when needed.

+ The MS300 Series VFD has Five (5) Digit LED keypads for remote operation.

+High Speed pulse input (MI7) terminal and High-speed pulse (DFM) output terminal which a Maximum frequency speed 33KHz, The main circuit diagram of MS300 VFD

Description Of Power & Circuit Diagram of Delta MS300 VFD

Depending on the Voltage the MS300 VFDs are two types 1 Phase, and 3 Phase, it is very important for the Users, so be careful and see the MS300 VFD Manual and read the details also see the figure

+For single Phase R/L1, S/L2 is the Main input terminal

+For Three Phase R/L1, S/L2, T/L3 Main input terminal

+MS300 Series VFD AC Motor terminal U/T1, V/T2, W/T3 for Induction Motor and Permanent Magnet Motor

+ (+1 & +2) for the connection of the DC Reactor to improve the power factor

+B1 & B2 terminal used to connect Breaking resistor

Delta MS300 Parameters & Delta VFD MS300 programming

Users can easily set the parameter by using the MS300 VFD Manual, so you have to download the Delta MS300 VFD manual or delta ms300 parameters Pdf from our website or delta electronics website then extract the manual pdf and read the Manual, otherwise, you will cannot Delta VFD MS300 programming. The keypad of the MS300 VFD

It’s important to note that setting the wrong parameters could cause damage to the VFD or motor, so it’s essential to double-check your settings before running the motor, and Must read the manual.

Delta MS300 Parameters:

We will describe some main parameters of delta MS300 VFD, so please see the below parameters.

+Pr. 00-02: Reset parameter- (Here has included No Function, keypad lock, write protection parameter, Return KWh, Reset All parameter, etc.)- If we want to reset the All parameter you have to set the Value 9 otherwise default 0.

+Pr. 00-07: Parameter protection Password input: default 0, but if VFD has password protection then you have to enter the password (0-4)

+Pr. 00-08: Parameter protection Password Setting-Users can set the VFD password by using this parameter- default 0, 1 parameter has been set.

+Pr. 00-20: Master Frequency command source (Auto/Remote)- Default set 0 Digital keypad, if need MODBUS then you have to set 1 (RS-485 Communication input), If set parameter 7, you will control frequency Digital Keypad potentiometer Knob if you set parameter 9 (For PID Control)

+Pr. 00-21: Operation Command Source (Auto/Remote)-0-Digital keypad, 1 (External terminal), 2 (RS-485 Communication input), but default set parameter 0

+Pr. 00-22: Motor Direction FWD/REV- Default set 0- Enable Forward/ Reverse, if set 1 then disable Reverse, if set 2 disable Forward  

+Pr. 00-30: Master Frequency command source (HAND/ LOCAL)-0- Digital keypad, 1- RS-485 for MODBUS Communication, 2-External or Potentiometer, 7-Keypad potentiometer but have set 0

+Pr. 00-31: Operation command source (HAND/ LOCAL)-0, 1, 2- Digital keypad/External/ RS485

+Pr. 01-00: Maximum Operation Frequency- Default 50/60 HZ but the range (0-599 HZ)

+Pr. 01-10: Output Frequency Upper limit– Default set 599.00HZ

+Pr. 01-12: Acceleration time-10 Sec, 20 sec etc.

+Pr. 01-13: Deceleration time-10 Sec, 15 Sec, 20 sec, etc.

+Pr. 01-22: Jog Frequency-Range 0-599.00 HZ But you can set 5, 6, 7, 10 HZ, etc.

+Pr. 02-00: Two Wire/ Three Wire operation control- default set two wire mode 1, but you can set three-wire Mode so set 3, 6 see the manual, The control terminal of Delta MS300 VFD

For Multi-function

+Pr. 02-01: Multi-Function input comment 1 (MI1)- Default 0-No function

+Pr. 02-02: Multi-Function input comment 2 (MI2)-Default 0-No function

+Pr. 02-03: Multi-Function input comment 3 (MI3)- Multi-step Speed comment 1

+Pr. 02-04: Multi-Function input comment 4 (MI4)- Multi-step Speed comment 2

+Pr. 02-05: Multi-Function input comment 5 (MI5)- Multi-step Speed comment 3

+Pr. 02-06: Multi-Function input comment 6 (MI6)- Multi-step Speed comment 4

+Pr. 02-07: Multi-Function input comment 7 (MI7)- 6 Jog Frequency

Motor Parameter:

Then you have to set the Motor parameter and go to the Pr. 05-00-Motor parameter Auto tuning

+ Pr. 05-01– Full load current for induction motor 1 (A)- Depend on Motor

+ Pr. 05-02– Rated power for induction motor 1 KW (0-655.35 KW)- Depend on the Model Power

+ Pr. 05-03– Rated Speed Induction Motor 1 (RPM)- Depend on the Motor speed

+ Pr. 05-04– Number of poles of motor 1

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Delta MS300 Fault Codes & Delta VFD Fault Codes Pdf

The Delta MS300 VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) can display a number of fault codes that indicate various issues or errors with the drive’s operation. Here are some common fault codes and their meanings:

+OCA- Over current during Acceleration (ocA)- Fault description (Output current exceeds three times the rated current during Acceleration)

 see the Delta MS300 manual.

+ocd- Over current during Deceleration (OCD)- Output current exceeds three times the rated current during deceleration.

+ocn- Over current during steady Operation (OCN)- Output current exceeds three times the rated current during deceleration.

+GFF: Ground fault GFF: This fault code indicates that a ground fault has been detected in the drive.

+ovd: Over voltage during deceleration: This fault code indicates that the voltage input to the drive is too high.

+ovs: Over voltage at stop OVS

+LVA- Low voltage during Acceleration (LvA)

+LVD: Low voltage during Deceleration (Lvd)

+orP: Phase loss- if have input phase loss then will show the orP Power input phase loss Fault

+oH1: Overheating IGBT (oH1)- IGBT Temperature excessed

+oL: Over Load (oL) This fault code indicates that the load on the motor is too high.

+uC: Under Current (this fault is indicating Under current) Uc

+cF2 – EEPROM Read error (cF2): This fault code indicates that there is an issue with the EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory) in the drive.

+cd1, cd2, cd3 fault codes that indicated the Motor cd1-U, cd2-V, cd3-W phase errors.

+Hd0, Hd0 that indicated cc and OC hardware errors

+AuE: Auto tuning errors (AUE), it is indicating Auto tuning errors

+EF: External Fault (EF) see the MS300 VFD Fault codes

+Pcod: Password is locked (Pcod) if you enter the wrong password three times then will be shown these errors

+oPL1, oPL2, oPL3 which indicates the U, V, and W output phase loss errors

+oL3: Low-frequency overload protection (oL3), it is indicating the low-frequency and high current protection

Here Delta MS300 VFD has many faults codes but we have described some impotent fault codes, so please see the above, if you want to see the all-fault codes description then you have to download the Delta MS300 VFD Manual PDF and Read the manual and see the Delta MS300 VFD Fault codes.

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