[Download] Delta LCSoft-V1.13 “Delta Loadcell” Calibration Software Free

Load Cell is a Sensor or Transducer and It Converts a Force (Tension, Compression, Pressure, and Torque) to Electrical Energy and Used to measure the Weight. Load cell Provides 4 wires and 6 wires, also If You want to Weight measurement any projects then you have to Used Load Cell Module.

Software Delta LCSoft_V1.13 is used to Configure Load Cell Module for Delta DVP Series PLCs. Through this software we can Calibrate Easily LoadCell in the Factory or any sector; So Delta LCSoft software is very helpful for Automation Engineers/Programmers.

Description of Seven types of Load Cell

+01: Single Point Load, Cell Used to small and Medium Project

+02: Beam Load Cell, used to tank, Process and Plant Engineering

+03: Canister Load cell, used to larger Weight

+04: S-Type Load Cell, used to static and dynamic Load

+05: Compression Load Cell, used to large scale weighbridge, Hopper and Truck Scale.

+06: Spoke Type Load Cell, Used to Low Profile, High Precession, and High Force System.

+07: On-Board Load Cell, Used to Truck, Tractors and Others Vehicles

A DVP Series PLC Can Read Data in a Load cell Module and Write Data to a Load cell Module, by using (From/To) instruction. If we want to use the Load Cell Module then first of all we will select the DVP PLCs. Supported DVP series PLC CPUs Such as DVP-SA2 Series PLCs, DVP-SX2 Series PLCs, DVP-SV Series PLCs, and DVP-EH2-L Series PLCs, Left Site Extension Module, which use the load cell module.  A Delta Load Cell Module Has two communication Port RS232 and RS485

Software Supported “Operating System”

+Microsoft Win-XP/Vista/7, (32 bit, 64bit version)

+Microsoft Win -8, 64 bit

+Microsoft Win -8.1-64 bit

+Microsoft Win -10-64 bit Version

Supported Model of the Software


LCSoft  “Software Setup” process

+01:  Download Software then Extract the Software and click Setup and Yes

+02: Click “Next”

+03: Choose “location” or Click “Install” and wait and installation, when installation is done click Finish

+ [Download] LCSoft Delta Load Cell Module Configure Software

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