[Download] SK Workshop Software “Samkoon” HMI Software-Real (Google Drive)

SamKoon HMI is the HMI of (Shenzhen Samkoon Technology Corporation Ltd) china. Samkoon HMI Supports a lot of PLCs and the interface is similar to Weintek HMI. This HMI Price is very Low. SKWorkshop V5.0.2 & SKTOOL V7.00.67 is the programming software for Samkoon SK and AK Series HMI. However, today we are going to share the [Download] SK Workshop Software Samkoon HMI Software with you also how to download the Samkoon HMI Software SK Workshop and install it, also how to program Upload/Download by using the SK Workshop Software.

SKWorkshop V5.0.2 Supported Models of Samkoon HMI Software

SK-035AE, SK-040AE, SK-043AE, SK-043AS, SK-043BE, SK-043BS, SK-050AS, SK-050AE, SK-050BS, SK-050BE, SK-057AS, SK-057AE, SK-070AS, SK-070AE, SK- 070BS, SK-070BE, SK-072AS, SK-072AE, SK-080AS, SK-080AE, SK-102AS, SK-102AE, SK-102BS, SK-102BE, SK-104AS, SK-104AE, SK-121AS, SK-121AE

SKTOOL V7.0.67 Supported Models

SK-070FS, SK-070FE, SK-070HS, SK-070HE, SK-070GS, SK-070GE, SK-070GG, SK-070GW, SK-070MS, SK-070ME, SK-070MG, SK-070MW, AK-070AC, AK-070AD, AK-070AD-R, AK-070AC, AK-070AE, AK-070AG, AK-070AG-R, AK-070AS, AK-070AS-R, AK-070AS, AK-070ASG, AK-070ASG-R, AK-070AT, AK-070AT-R, AK-070AS, AK-070AW, AK-070AW-R, AK-070AWG, AK-070AWG-R, AK-070BC, AK-070BD,AK-070BD-R, AK-070BD,AK-070BE, AK-070BG, AK-070BG-R, AK-070BS,AK-070BS-R, AK-070BSG, AK-070BSG-R, AK-070BW, AK-070BW-R, AK-070BWG, AK-070BWG-R, AK-070BXC, AK-070GG, AK-070GW, AK-070MG, AK-070MW, AK-070XC, AK-H070GG, AK-H070GW

SKWorkshop Software “Setup” System:

Download the software and Extract the File

+1: Double Click “Setup_SK_5.0” & click Yes.

+2: Click “next” to continue.

+3: Select I accept the agreement and click Next.

+4:^ Choose Next.

+5:  Click “Next” or where we install SKWorkshop select another Drive.

+6: ^Click ‘Next’

+7: Click ^“Install”

+8: ^^Click ^Finish.

Upload/Download of Samkoon SA/EA/AK HMI  


^Go to the Download (D) then click the ‘USB download (D)’

^^Click the “Download” and wait to Download the program.


^Go to the Convert Pack/Unpack.

^^^Then Upload the project file and click next.

^^^Type File name and click Upload File.

****[Download] SK Workshop Software Samkoon HMI Software Google Drive Link*****

We have given the Samkoon Software SK Workshop Google drive link so click on the link and download the SK Workshop Software.

+ [Download] SKWorkshop & SKTOOL Samkoon HMI Software


+ [Download] AKWorkShop HMI Samkoon Software


Samkoon All Driver (SA/EA/AK) Driver Link:


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+SA Series HMI Software

+Samkoon PLC Software