[Download] LSPS V3.3 “LSIS” Electrical Design Softwaree

When we will run the LSPS.exe, there Used 3 different modules, e.g.

+01. Susol Design

+02. LSPS Susol T-C Curve

+03. LSPS Susol Coordination, shown as Figure below.

Susol Design:

Susol Design Is is very important between the three. Users can Easily LT/HT Design, Drawing, and Circuit Analysis, etc. We Can Automatic Select CB of LT/HT. Also can do balance and imbalance short circuit analysis, real system design, etc.

LSPS T-C Curve

Using the Susol T-C Curve module circuit we can see the curves of breakers, fuses, transformers, motors, and relays. We also check the protection Adjustment of Equipment.

LSPS Sosul Coordination:

Users can use this module to set CB directly (LT / HT) without using the other 2 modules.

This software can be run

  1. MS Windows 98
  2. MS Windows 2000/XP
  3. MS Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10

You don’t have to install this software; you just extract the software, and then do all the design step by step.

Click on LSP Manager then select any module, and design properly

After Design


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+ [Download] LSIS_PS_V3.3 Design Software

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