[Download] Kewei PLC Software KWPro-V1.2.4 Free Real (Google Drive)

Kewei is the Chinese PLC but This Programmable Logic Controller Performance is very good. KWPro is the Programming Software of Kewei PLC. KWPro software was Developed by Kewei Automatic Control Co., Ltd.  The English version of this software has not been released yet, but talk to the company and the English version of the software will be released very soon. However, today plchmiservo.com would like to share the Kewei PLC Software KWPro V1.2.4 Free also how to download the software and open it.

Software Support Ladder Programming Language and Instruction List Language

Supported models of “KWPro” Kewei PLC Software

Kewei PLC Software supports the following models as

  • LP1/MP/HM, Maximum Number of Steps 8000/16000/8000
  • LP2/MP2, Maximum Number of Steps 16000
  • WG- Maximum Number of Steps 4000
  • MPS-I

“Supported Operating” System of Kewei PLC Software

KWPro Kewei PLC Software supports the following Operating systems as

  • M.S Windows -XP
  • M.S Windows -7-32bit/64bit,
  • M.S Windows-8/8.1 -32bit/64bit,
  • M.S Windows-10-32bit/64bit,

Software ‘Setup KWPro V1.24’

+Step00: Download the software on our website plchmiservo.com then Extract the software then double-click the KWPro, No need to install the KWPro software just open it.

+Then Select the Model Click OK and open the Software

++Download Kewei PLC Software Google Drive Link

We have given the [Download] Kewei PLC Software KWPro V1.2.4 Free google drive link so click on the link to download your required software.

+[Download] KWPro_V1.2.4 “KEWEI” PLC Software

>>>Kewei PLC Software Another Link:-


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