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Mitsubishi is a Manufacturer and Supplier company in the world and Established in Japan.  Mitsubishi is a very popular brand like Siemens & Omron in the Automation and Power Sectors; I think approximately almost all know about Mitsubishi Brand.

Mitsubishi provides/manufacture, High, Medium, and Low Power Products and Automation Products such as Magnetic Contactor, Circuit Breaker, Robot, Sewing Machine, Laser processing Machine, Electrical Discharge Machines, Electron Burn Machines, Sensor, PLC, HMI, AC Drive, Servo Drive, Motion Controller, Industrial Computer, Motors, Industrial Products, etc 

Mitsubishi Products are broadly used in various sectors such as Shipbuilding, Mining, Telecom, Automobile, Constructions, Heavy Industries, Real State, Textile, Food and Beverage, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Steel Mill, and Others Sectors.

So Today plchmiservo.com would like to share the Mitsubishi FR-D700/ E700/ S500/ E500/ A800/ F800 Inverter User manual, How to set up the Mitsubishi FR-D700 Series inverter, and How to Program by using it manually

Connection Wiring Diagram FR-D700 VFD

Important Programming Parameter of Mitsubishi FR-D700 Series VFD:

How to set the Mitsubishi FR-D700 Series inverter Parameter

Must be following this parameter (77 & 79) carefully otherwise you will not enter another parameter, so Details read this manual for any problem.

77-Parameter Write Selection -0 write is enabled during Stop

79-Operation Mode selection-(0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7) –Set 0 PU and External Operation Mode

At first set the parameter

1-Maximum Frequency (0-120 HZ), as needed -50 HZ

2-Minimum Frequency (0-120 HZ), -0 HZ

3-Base Frequency (0-400 HZ), -60 HZ

Input Terminal Selection

178-STF Terminal Function Selection-60 STF Rotation of Motor Forward

179-STR Terminal Function Selection-61 STR Rotation of Motor Reverse

180-RL Terminal Function Selection-0 Low-Speed Operation Commend (RL)

181-RM Terminal Function Selection-1 Medium/Middle-Speed Operation Commend (RM)

182-RH Terminal Function Selection-2 High-Speed Operation Commend (RH)

If required Multi-Speed

4– Multi-Speed Setting (High Speed) – For Example 60HZ

5- Multi-Speed Setting (Middle Speed) – For Example 30HZ

6- Multi-Speed Setting (Low Speed) – 0HZ

7-Acceleration Time (10Sec/15/20, the 30S), etc

8-Deceleration Time (10S/20/the 30S) etc

For JOG Operation

If you Need JOG Speed then set this parameter

15– JOG Frequency – For Example 5Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz, 30Hz

16– JOG Acceleration / Deceleration time-(0-3600 Sec)

Motor Parameter of Mitsubishi FR-D700 Series inverter

80-Motor Capacity (KW) – For Example 0.75 KW or Depends on Motor

81- Rated Motor Voltage (V) – 220V/ 380V or Depends on Motor

82- Motor Excitation Current (A) – 2.2A or Depends on Motor

83-Rated Motor Frequency (HZ)- 60HZ or Depends on Motor

For Multi-Function

P0.04-Multistage Instruction-6

24– Multi-Speed Setting (Speed 4)-(0-400Hz, 9999) – Example 100 HZ

25– Multi-Speed Setting (Speed 5)-(0-400Hz, 9999)- Example 80HZ

26– Multi-Speed Setting (Speed 6)-(0-400Hz, 9999)- Example 50 HZ

27– Multi-Speed Setting (Speed 7)-(0-400Hz, 9999)- Example 10 HZ

Mitsubishi FR-D700 VFD

+ [Download] Mitsubishi FR-D700 Series inverter Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s2GUf7LilbOVoBzU8UkYSgbst9oDW16-/view?usp=sharing

Mitsubishi FR-E700 VFD

+ [Download] Mitsubishi FR-E700 Series inverter Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18V4TdkaxdYfiSO79tHyVpIepbDglo-qk/view?usp=sharing

Mitsubishi FR-A800 VFD

+ [Download] Mitsubishi FR-A800 Series inverter Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10eiVR_SB4keRq5FBELppTe0fP2cquGY5/view?usp=sharing

Mitsubishi FR-F800 VFD

+ [Download] Mitsubishi FR-F800 Series inverter Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GYDZzcIGllEcvg9ygfZL3U8Vj76gjq9O/view?usp=sharing

Mitsubishi FR-S500 VFD

+ [Download] Mitsubishi FR-S500 Series inverter Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pVYT3p4Pcz59rPGCssunhkVKjs9zm6SL/view?usp=sharing

Mitsubishi FR-E500 VFD

+ [Download] Mitsubishi FR-E500 Series inverter Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Y41n823o94yvsIjzt7J-CrfaFGWYRTNG/view?usp=sharing

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