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Fatek PLC makes use of WinProladder software for programming tasks with environment-friendly Ladder language. WinProladder has an in-depth command library together with Siemens, Mitsubishi, and Omron but essentially meets consumer demands, a fantastic benefit is its extraordinarily light capacity, only 3.5Mb. FATEK PLC has been originated in China and Taiwan. You may often see the functions of Fatek PLC in stamping machines, punching machines, and weaving lines, However, today I would like to share the Winproladder V3.27 Fatek PLC software free download with you, also how to download the software and install it, and also How to program Upload and download by using the Fatek WinProladder Software.

What is Winproladder?

WinProladder is a ladder diagram programming software for Fatek PLCs. The software is totally window-based. Users of beginner level can easily utilize this software as an effective tool. The powerful modifying function of WinProladder, connected with a mouse, keyboard, and online assistance (of ladder command, working guide, and running manual) greatly reduces programming improvement time.

If you do not have a PLC, it truly would not be counted because Winproladder will give you a chance to choose the simulation option. So, you will be able to run the simulation and write a ladder logic program to test your programming. With Winproladder V3.27, users can create ladder diagram programs for Fatek PLCs, as well as use function block diagrams and structured text programming techniques. The ladder diagram programs can directly display the data registers. These programs also provide multiple statuses for tracking pages giving the users the ability to monitor and debug easily.

The software includes a programming interface with a comprehensive set of tools, making it suitable for both novice and experienced programmers. Overall, Winproladder V3.27 is a powerful software tool for programming and configuring Fatek PLCs.

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Description of Fatek Automation Corp.

Fatek Automation Corp. turned into founded in 1992 in Taiwan. A united group of engineers was engaged in the PLC layout and development of Fatek Corp. for many years. FATEK Automation Corp. has been striving for Research and Development (R&D) in order to deliver high-quality, excessive-function, and user-friendly automatic manipulation products since its establishment. The product and service lines focus on PLC, HMI, IoT solutions, strength delivery, SCADA application software, OPC Servers, energy, and power supply, and so forth.

Research and Development (R&D) is a precious appliance for developing and improving commercial enterprises. So, Fatek automation corp. includes R&D researching their marketplace and their client desires and developing new and progressed products and services to fit these desires. With its endeavors for many years, Fatek employer is now reputable inside the industry for brilliance and reliability with the logo call of “FATEK.”

Fatek Automation Corp. is well-known for maintaining quality, stability, and dependability. Fatek also repeatedly engages in innovation to amplify a broader software program field. Fatek is striving to become an expert answer provider and problem solver in the field of programming software.

Features of Fatek Winproladder software 

The Fatek Winproladder software is a brand of programmable logic controllers offering users a range of features and tools to create reliable automation systems for various industrial applications including:

+Intuitive and user-friendly programming interface: The software offers an intuitive, user-friendly programming interface that is easy to use and navigate, making programming tasks more efficient. It supports various programming techniques such as timers, counters, and comparison operators.

+Supports for multiple programming languages: Winproladder supports ladder diagrams, function blocks, and structured text programming languages, allowing users to choose the language that best suits their programming needs and skill level.

+Online/offline programming: The software program lets customers program their PLCs each online and offline, based on their options and requirements.

+Advanced debugging and tracking tools: It gives a user-friendly working environment with editing, monitoring, and debugging capabilities which allows the consumer to come to be acquainted with the operation of the software in the completely shortest possible time. Winproladder features a robust set of debugging and tracking gear, along with online application change, real-time application execution monitoring, and a complete set of diagnostic equipment.

+Simulation mode: The software consists of a simulation mode that allows users to check and verify their packages before they may be uploaded to the PLC, making sure that their automation system works as supposed.

+Support for a couple of communication protocols: Winproladder supports more than one communication protocol, which includes RS-232, RS-422/485, and Ethernet, allowing customers to hook up with and communicate with their PLCs using their favored protocol.

In addition, the debugging tools of Winproladder software can help users find and fix errors in their programs. The software allows for online monitoring of the PLC, which can help with troubleshooting and system analysis.

Supported Models of Fatek Winproladder software

Fatek Winproladder is the Windows-based programming software, Winpro Ladder software supports the following series

+Fatek HB1 Series

+Fatek FBe Series

+Fatek FBs Series

+Fatek FBn Series

+Fatek FB Series

+Fatek B1z Series

+Fatek B1 Series

How to Download Fatek PLC Software Winpro Ladder V3.27

+Go to the Fatek official website then create the Account and click on the latest software Winproladder V3.30, or You can easily download the Fatek PLC Software from our website, so Go to the website then click on the Google Drive download link, then you can easily install the Winproladder software without any problems.

Installation Process of Winproladder V3.27 Fatek PLC software

+Step 1: After downloading the Winproladder software. Then, start to extract the software.

+Step 2: Click on the file “[] WinProladder-V3.27.exe” then “Next.” The “installation wizard” will be shown so click on Next.

+Step 3: Click on the “Destination Location” then press on “Next.”

+Step 4: Click on the “Start Menu Folder” and then select “Next.”

+Step 5: Select the “Additional Tasks” button then  click on “Next.”

+Step 6: Select “Install” to start the Winproladder V3.27 software installation process.

+Step 7: The installer will start running and finishing in a few seconds, After the software Winproladder Installation is completed then click on Finish


How to Program Upload and download the program by using the Winproladder Software V3.27

Before the program upload and download you have to select the programming Cable AMSAMOTION brand, The name of the model of the programming cable, is USB-FBs-232P0-9F. You can easily make the Programming cable for the Programming of Fatek PLC, See the Diagram, When the Cable will be ready, then The programming cable will have to connect your PC & PLC, Then Go to the device manager, and go to COM & LPT and check the COM PORT Number.

Download Process: Double-click on the software Winproladder V3.27, Then select the models and create the program, after programming then you have to go to PLC in the software, then click on Online, then click on Auto check, select the COM Port then click on OK, again click on OK, when All Function ok then you have to wait for to Download the program.

Upload Process: Before Program Upload, you have to care for the Upload program in the Fatek Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). at first, Open the Winproladder software then will not create the new project, directly go to the PLC in the software. Then click on Online and click on Auto check then the COM Port Will be set Automatically, then click on OK 2 times and click ON no, and Wait for the Upload program, when upload the program then you have to save the program to your PC.

Note that: if you create a new project and will go to the PLC then the program Will be downloaded, so Be careful.

Download Google Drive Link

We have given the Winproladder V3.27 Fatek PLC software free download (Google Drive) Link, click on the below link to download your required software.

+Download Winproladder V3.27 Fatek Automation Corporation software

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