[Download] XGT LS-“LG/LS” XGT HMI to All PLC Connection Manual Guide

Basically, a human-machine interface runs any machine automatically and is used to monitor and manage automatic facilities.

LS Industrial Systems is one of the world’s leading automation companies. LSIS has created XGT LS Panel Series HMI of different models E.g. XP/ eXP/ iXP/ eXP2/ wXP/ iXP2H etc. Users can easily interface with various PLC, Controller, and VFD Brands. Specially Siemens, LS, Delta, Mitsubishi, AB, ABB, etc

Connection Diagram

Therefore, plchmiservo.com would like to share with you XGT LS-LG/LS XGT HMI to PLC Interface Cable, and How to Make these Cables.

So you can solder according to the XGT HMI –Others PLC Connection Diagram.

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****LS XGT Series  HMI Connection Manual  

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EUjHsKnf2H0k67sGVNTEFmDVYCTayVE4/view?usp=sharing