[Download] Hitech HMI Programming Cable PWS6600 Series to PC

If you want to work with Hitech Old Series HMI (PWS6600 Series, PWS3000/1711) or Troubleshooting, Then We Must be used Com DB9/DB15 (RS232) port for Program Upload/Download because HMI Hitech Old series HMI has No Others Port. So Today I Share the Hitech-HMI Hitech Programming Cable PWS6600 Series and How to make the (HMI to PC Communication) Cable

“Preparation” for Cable Making

+01: DB9- Male for HMI site (COM1 Port)

+02: DB9-Female for Computer Site (you also used USB-RS232 Converter)

03: DB25 Pin-Male for HMI (COM2 Port)

+04: Best Quality Electric Soldering Iron & Multi-Meter

Making System

>> See the cable diagram and properly solder the cable, plchmiservo.com tried it and everything is Right.

Thanks & Best Regards!

##Hitech HMI Software V6.15