[Download] EU-Editor2_V4 “Shihlin HMI” Software (100% Real)

Shihlin Human Machine Interface Widely used in various Factory Machines such as Textile machines, Packaging & Labeling machines Water Treatment Plant, etc. EU Editor2 software designed for Shahlin All series HMIs, The EU Editor2 is the Graphical Design Software & easy to learn for Beginner Programmer. However, today I would like to share the EU Editor2 V4 Shihlin HMI Software (100% Real) with you also how to download the Shihlin HMI Software and install it. This Software Shihlin HMI is the windows based programming software So EU Editor supports Microsoft Win XP, 7, 8, and WIN10.

The software has a highly protected system (15 Labels), EU Editor2 supports four display languages, English, Simplified & Traditional Chinese & Russian, and ten (10) Unit Language.

Software Supports SD memory/USB Card For saving data

EU Editor2 V2.6.4 “Software Setup process”

ST1: At first the Shihlin HMI Software then Decompressed it then click on EUEditor2 and Yes

 ST2: Welcome to EU Works2 setup then click ‘Next >> 2 Times”

ST3: Then Select “everyone” and “Next”

ST4: Then Type User/customer information   and select next

ST5: Then Select I agree & Next

ST6: Then ‘Next’

ST7: Installing process running so wait for the setup of the software

ST8: Click Close when “Installation Complete” 

ST9: After setup the Software …..

>>>> Download Shihlin HMI SoftwareGoogle Drive Link.

We have given the [Download] EU Editor2 V4 Shihlin HMI Software (100% Real) google drive link So click on the link to download your required software.

+ [Download] EU Editor2_V2.6 Shihlin HMI Software

EU Editor2 V4 another Link:


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