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VEICHI VIStudioU is the HMI Programming Tool of VEICHI Human Machine Interface. Easy to operate & even Programming is very easy. Users can easily interface PLC to HMI (RS232/RS485/RS422). Also easily make the PLC to HMI Cable. Today I would like to share the VEICHI HMI VEICHI StudioU VEICHI HMI Software with you also how to download the software and install it.

Supported Models of Software VI10-StudioU

General Series:

+ VI10-070D

+ VI10-070S

+ VI10-043S

+ VI10-102D

+ VI10-102S

2000 Series:

+ VI10-043S-L

+ VI10-070S-L

+ VI10-102S-L

How to Make PLC to HMI Cable

+Create the Project and Set the PLC Brand

+Then Go to the Setting

+Then Click on Communication(C), see the Interface Diagram and Make the Cable.

Software Setup Process of VEICHI HMI

Download the software from our website www.plchmiservo.com then uncompressed the Software

+Step1: After uncompressed, the Software Then “Double Click” on VI10-StudioU20190429 and click “yes”

+Step 2: Then Select the Language &  Click on OK

+Step 3: Welcome to setup ProcessClick on next to Continue.

+Step 4: Choose the “Destination Folder” & click on “Next”.

+Step 5: Choose the Start menu Folder & Click on Next

+Step 6:  Choose the “create a desktop icon” and click next &  click on Install

+Step 7: The installation process continues so please wait a few seconds.

+Step 8: After Installation is done then click on Finish.

After Programming Shows a figure

>>>Download Google Drive Link>>>

W has given the VEICHI HMI Software google drive link to download your required software.

>>> VI10-StudioU VEICHI HMI Software

Software Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NhYSoKAklAdnsIQl9PGBAbhm517NvpFr/view?usp=sharing

+Software VI10 StudioU Veichi HMI



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