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Hi Everyone, ABB Is the Most Popular brand of other Brands, in the World. The name of ABB Company was ASES Brown Boveri Established in 1988, in Zurich, Switzerland. ABB is a Service Provider and Manufacturing Company in the World This Company produced PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), HMI, Servo, AC Drive & DC Drive, also Industrial equipment. ABB Circuit Breaker and Magnetic Contactor are Very Popular in the Almost All Sectors. ABB offers various types of Software which are used for Programming PLC, VFD, HMI, Servo, etc. If you want to ABB VFD Program by software then you can download the software from our site or ABB Website. However, Today plchmiservo.com will discuss with the [Download] acs355 User Manual acs355 Manual ABB Manual & ACH550 VFD Manual also How to download and Run the VFD, also How to Program the VFD by using the Manual, And how to set it up manually.

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Description of Parameter of ABB ACS355 Series VFD:

9902 Applic Macro-5-Hand/Auto

Then set the Motor Parameters

9905-Motor Nominal Voltage- 220V/380V

9906-Nominal Motor Current (A)-2.2A / 3 A

9907-Motor Nominal Frequency (HZ) (0.0-599.0 HZ) – E: 50HZ U: 60HZ

9908- Motor Nominal Speed (RPM) (50….30000 RPM) – 2800 RPM

9909-Motor Nominal Power (KW)- For Example 2.2 KW, 4KW, etc

1301-Minimum AI1-1:0

2008-Maximum Frequency-50

2202-Acceleration Time-10 Sec, 20 sec

2203-Deceleration time-10 sec, 15 sec/20 sec



1003-Direction-3-Request (both)

For Jog Mode (Parameter)

1010-Jogging Set (3 no), DI3-Port3

 0: Inactive

1: Active

1208-Jog Frequency/Jog Speed

For Multi-Function

1201: 12 for forwarding (Port 14, Port 15, Port 16)

1201: (-12) for Reverse (Port 14, 15, Port 16)

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ABB ACS355 Manual ACS355 VFD Manual PDF

+ [Download] acs355 user manual acs355 manual-5000-12 ABB VFD Manual

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mdDyj0BB_vKWb29mngt-i6PF7NUbdPSw/view?usp=sharing


+[Download] ACH550 ABB VFD User Manual PDF

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nX54eX4TGvr9R-CK07pzBBMDispZEv6k/view?usp=sharing

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