[Download] MR Configurator2 Download- Mitsubishi Servo Software-(Real)

MR-Configurator2 Software integrated into GXWorks3 and MT Developer2. This Software is Used only for Mitsubishi Modern Servo J3/4 and JE, Series Servo install & Maintenance, This software can handle everything from setup to servo maintenance. Through MR Configurator2 Software we can set the parameter of Servo Drive, Also Test Run/Jog Mode/ etc. Works. And Can Upload and Download programs in the Servo. However, today we are going to showing and share the [Download] MR Configurator2 Download Mitsubishi Servo Software (Real) with you, also how to programming & Program Upload & Download by using the Mitsubishi MR Configurator 2 Mitsubishi servo drive software.

+MR Configurator 2 Latest Version V1.77Y Download

MR-Configurator2 supported Device

+MR-J4-GF (-RJ), J4-A (-RJ), J4-B (-RJ), J4-B-RJ010

+MR-J3-A, MR-J3-B, MR-J3-B Fully closed, MR-J3-B Linear, MR-J3-B DD Motor, MR-J3-B Safety, MR-J3-T, MR-J3W,



Supported Computer OS of MR Configurator2

+Microsoft Windows 95/98/XP/Vista

+Microsoft Windows-7

+Microsoft Windows-8

+Microsoft Win-8.1

+Microsoft Wind-10 (32/64 bit)

How to Set the Programming Cable

+Double Click Double Click the MR Configurator 2

+Click Project


+Connection Setting if USB Cable then (Servo Amplifier Connection USB) Or if RS-232/RS-422 Cable then (You Select Servo Amplifier Connection RS-422 (RS-232C) and Select Port.

We required a USB Cable for Program upload and Download, or Need an RS-422(RS-232C) connection Cable.

Upload and Download the Program System of MR Configurator2 Software (Mitsubishi Servo)


+Click the MR Configurator 2

+Double Click the Parameter

+Go to File

+Save as project and Name Write


+Double Click the MR Configurator 2

+Click the Project

+Click Open

+Select the File

+Then Yes


+Then Select Item Write

>>>>Download MR Configurator2 Google Drive Link

We have given the software link MR Configurator 2 Mitsubishi Servo Software google drive, so please click on the link to download the required software.

+ [Download] MR-Configurator2 Mitsubishi “J3/4/JE” Servo Software




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