[Download] Logo Comfort Software V8.2 Full Software Google Drive

PLC Logo is a Small PLC in the Siemens Industries. It can be programmed directly by Logo Display Button, but most Automation Engineers program through this software, because it is very easy. However, We will describe the software [Download] Logo Comfort Software V8.2 Full Google Drive in this section and how to download and install the required file.

Almost all programmers learn programming through this PLC. I think every automation engineer is familiar with the Siemens logo plc. Logo! Soft Comfort V7 & V8.2.1 is the Programming software for Siemens Logo PLCs.

Today plchmiservo.com would like to share the Logo Comfort Software V8.2 with you and your friends.

Logo Soft Comfort Programming

Logo Soft Comfort is a programming software for Siemens LOGO! PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). It provides a user-friendly interface to create and edit ladder logic programs for controlling various automation processes. With Logo Soft Comfort, you can easily design and simulate your PLC programs before transferring them to the actual device. It offers a wide range of programming functions, such as timers, counters, mathematical operations, and communication with other devices.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced programmer, Logo Soft Comfort simplifies the process of developing control applications. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows you to connect inputs, outputs, and function blocks to create your desired logic. Logo Soft Comfort also supports online monitoring and debugging of your PLC programs. You can monitor variables, view the status of inputs and outputs, and troubleshoot any issues directly from the software.

So, Start exploring the world of Logo Soft Comfort PLC Programming and unleash your creativity in industrial automation.

Supported Operating System of Logo Comfort Software V8.2

+Microsoft Windows-XP/Vista

+Microsoft Windows-7, 32 bit & 64 bit

+Microsoft Windows-8, 32 bit & 64 bit

+Microsoft Windows-8.1, 32 bit & 64 bit

+Microsoft Windows-10, 32 bit & 64 bit

Identification Logo Comfort Software V8.2 Full Input/output of Logo PLC

+Digital Inputs:  I1………… I24

+Analog Inputs: AI1 ……….AI8

+Digital Outputs: Q1……….. Q16

+Analog Outputs: AQ1 …AQ2

+Digital flag blocks: M1………. M24, M8: Startup flag

+Analog flag blocks:  AM1………….. AM6

+Shift register bits: S1………………. S8

+4 cursor keys

+16 blank outputs:  X1…………….. X16

PLC Programming Logo by using the LOGO Soft Comfort

PLC Programming Logo is a Small PLC in the Siemens Industries. The Siemens LOGO PLC is a compact control system specifically crafted to cater to the needs of small automation projects. It is possible to program this PLC directly using the Logo Display Button, but the majority of Automation Engineers execute programming using the Logo Soft Comfort software. Because this is very simple process. The vast majority of programmers acquire their programming skills by utilizing this Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Every automation engineer is naturally familiar with the Siemens logo plc. Logo! Soft Comfort Version 8.2.1 and Version 7 are widely used as the Programming software for Siemens Logo PLCs.

A graphical user interface is provided by this software, which allows for the creation and editing of programs. A customized control system requires the generation of a new circuit program. Users can design logic functions for the system by selecting and placing blocks within the program. The software’s shortcut menus make editing objects more efficient, and configuring blocks permits program customization to meet specific system requirements.

Mastering the art of establishing connections between blocks is an essential requirement for ensuring the smooth functioning of any PLC programming logo. Understanding the invaluable tips related to block connections can play a pivotal role in minimizing errors and ensuring efficient and effective programming of Siemens LOGO PLC. By acquiring these skills, programmers can achieve unparalleled success in their endeavors.

Software Setup Process of Logo Comfort Software V8.2 Full and Logo! Soft Comfort_V7

If you want to install Logo Comfort Software V8.2, At First, you need to Install Logo Lower version software Logo Soft Comfort V6 or V7.

+Step 01: Download the software Then Unzip the software and open the Logo! Soft Comfort_V8.2.1 then select step 1 Logo! Soft Comfort V7 then double click yes

+Step 02: Then Click “Next” then click “Install”

+Step 04: Then “Install USB Cable driver”

+Step 05: Then click next>>>> 04 times and Click Install

+Step 06: After (Logo! Soft Comfort V7) Setup Complete then click on finish

+Step 07: After installing must be Open/run only one time Logo! Soft Comfort V7

+Step 08: Now install the upgrade software Logo! Soft Comfort V8.2.1 Click on setup and OK

+Step 09: Select Accept the License Agreement of software then click next (02) two times and Click Install

+Step 10: Then Install the driver so Click Yes>Next>Next then I accept the license …………& Next Two times and Click the Install.

+Step 11: After Installation of the Software and driver then click on finish

+Step 12: Then Click on Install then ok and When Successfully install then click on done

Siemens Logo Upload Program From PLC

To Siemens Logo Upload Program from PLC upload a Siemens Logo program from a PLC, you can follow these steps:

+Connect your computer to the PLC using an appropriate communication cable (e.g., Ethernet or USB-Logo).

+Unlock the programming software on your computer that corresponds to the Siemens Logo PLC, such as Logo! Soft Comfort.

+Create a new project or open an existing project where you want to upload the program.

+Ensure that the communication settings in the software are configured correctly to establish a connection with the PLC.

+Go to the tools & Transfer Logo >PC, (This is Upload Icon)” or “Read” function in the software to initiate the program upload process.

+Follow the on-screen instructions to select the desired program from the PLC and start the upload.

+Wait for the software to download the program from the PLC and save it on your computer.

+Once the upload is complete, you can view and edit the program in the programming software.

+Make any necessary changes or modifications to the program, if required.

+Save the program on your computer or export it to the PLC for execution.

We have given the software [Download] Logo Comfort Software V8.2 Full Google Drive link to download and install the required file.

+ [Download] Logo! Soft Comfort V8.2.1 For 64 bit

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gQXC1t4v06hsB5qrwiiYv2zI84wk5id6/view?usp=sharing

+ [Download] Logo! Soft Comfort V8.2.1 For 32 bit



+Logo Manual


If any problem during the software installation, also the software link is not found, or the program is uploaded/Download or Need any logo PLC OBA0, OBA1, OBA4, OBA5, OBA6, and OBA8, please contact plchmiservo.com via email or Phone number at +8801713722455

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