[Download] XP Builder-V3.5 LS HMI Software Free 100% Real (Google Drive)

The XP Builder _Ver. 3.5 Is the latest Programming software of LS HMI. XP Builder Software V3.5 is developed by LSIS Electric Co. Ltd, However, Today, I would like to share the [Download] XP Builder V3.5 LS HMI Software Real (Google Drive) with you, also how to download the software XP Builder & How to program Upload 7 Download by using the XP Builder V3.5. XP Builder is free software. If we want to connect among XP-Builder/ Manager/ XP-Remote/ and wXP, All updates to Version 3.5 or Higher Version are required. Although Now LS XP series HMIs production stopped,

This HMIs Series does not support The V3.0 to Above. If you want to work with LS XP Series HMIs then must be used Lower Version LS HMI Software (Below V3.0) or V2.20.

So Guys today I will share the LS HMI Software XP Builder With You. which will be helpful for you and your friends.

Supported Models “XP-Builder_V3.5” of LS HMI

XP Builder V3.5 Software Supports the Following Models Below

+XP Series Does not Support

+iXP Series: iXP50-TTA, iXP70-TTA, iXP80-TTA, iXP90-TTA

+eXP Series: eXP20-TTA, eXP30-TTA, eXP30-TTE, eXP40-TTA, eXP40-TTE, eXP60-TTA

+eXP2 Series: eXP2-0400, eXP2-0500, eXP2-0502, eXP2-0700, eXP2-0701, eXP2-0702, eXP2-1000, eXP2-1001,

+iXP2 Series:iXP2-0800, iXP2-1000, iXP2-1200, iXP2-1500,  iXP2H-0702D,  iXP2H-0704D

+IPC Series (wXP) : PC/AT Varieties Resolution

+LS Latest Software XG5000 V4.73

Software (XP-Builder) Supports Operating System

XP Builder LS PLC Software Supports the Following Operating systems.

+ MS Windows- Vista

+MS Windows-7




Setup Process of ‘XP-Builder_Ver.3.5’ Software

First of all [Download] XP Builder V3.5 LS HMI Software Real (Google Drive), after downloading Software XP Builder software, Then Unpack the Software

+Step 01: Then Double click on XP-Builder_V3.5.0706 and Yes

+Step 02: Select ‘Language’ then click on ‘OK’

+Step 03: Welcome to XP Builder to continue click next

+Step 04: “User Information” then Next or Only Next

+Step 05: Select >Destination location or press >Next

+Step 06: Click>> Install

+Step 07: Then wait a few minutes until install the software

+Step 08: Then For communication must be install driver, so click next

+Step 09:  Click Driver ‘Install’

+Step 10: Driver Install finished so click Finish

+Step 11: When XP-Builder V3.5.07 Software Installation is Done then click Finish

After installation is completed then open the XP-Builder V3.5 and Create the New Project and Programming Also check all functions

[Download] XP Builder V3.5 LS HMI Software Real (Google Drive)

We have given the [Download] XP Builder V3.5 LS HMI Software Real (Google Drive) link, so click on the link to download the required software.

[Download] XP Builder_V3.50.0706  “LS/LG HMI Software”



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