[Download] Co Trust PLC Software-Magic Works PLC-V2.23 Free (100 % Real)

The Shenzhen CO-TRUST Technology Co., Ltd was Established in 2003. This company produces the main product PLC, HMI, Servo Drive & Motion Controller & widely used in Several Sectors.  It is a Chinese Product. CO-TRUST Technology developed Magic Works Software for the Maintenance and work of CO TRUST PLC & HMI. However, today plchmiservo.com would like to share the Co Trust PLC Software Magic Works V2.23 also how to download the software and program by using CO Trust PLC Software.

Magic Works V2.23 is the Modern programming software for CO TRUST PLC.

This Software supports two kinds of Programming languages, Ladder Diagram (LD), and Instruction List (STL). CO TRUST PLC programming same as Siemens S7-200/300 PLCs. Perfect online functions such as Uploading, Downloading, Online Monitoring, real-time Clock, etc.

Supported Models of CO TRUST PLC Software

CPU 122, CPU 124, CPU 126, CPU 222, CPU 224, CPU 226, CPU 224I, CPU226I, CPU 226EH, CPU 24XP-CNI, CPU 226IM, CPU 226IL, CPU 226IH, CPU H224X, CPU H226XL, CPU H226XM, CPU H226XC, CPU H224, CPU H226L, CPU H226M, CPU H226IM, CPU H226IML, CPU H226IH, CPU H228XL, CPU M228IL, CPU M228ML, CPU M228SL, CPU M226SM, CPU M226SL, H35/ H36/H31/ H32/ H52/ H56/ I39-006

OS of “MagicWorks PLC _V2.23”

  1. MS Windows -98
  2. MS Windows -2000
  3. MS Windows XP
  4. MS Windows VISTA
  5. MS Windows 7
  6. MS Windows-8 & 8.1
  7. MS Windows-10

Software Setup Process “Magic Works PLC”_V2.23

+ST01: Download the software from our website then Extract & Double click on MagicWorks PLC V2.23 then Yes &  Select language and OK.

 +ST02: Click  the Next

+ST03: ‘License Agreement’ Cotrust PLC Software so select “I agree”

+ST04: Choose Install & wait to Install the software.

+ST06: After Installation is completed ‘click Finish’

***Download Magic Works V2.23 Google Drive Link Co Trust PLC Software

We have given the [Download] Co Trust PLC Software Magic Works V2.23 google drive link, so click on the software link to download the required file.

[Download] Magic Works PLC_V2.23 Software

***Download Link:


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