[Download] DriveWizard Industrial-V2.1 “Yaskawa” Inverter Software

Manually we can install the Yaskawa VFD and Set the parameter by VFD Keypad but we can easily parameter setup and other functions Check by Drive wizard Software. Drive Wizard Industrial is the software of program Editing, Monitoring, Alarm History Checking, Uploading/Downloading, Auto Tuning, and Parameter overviews, etc, of Yaskawa VFDs. Yaskawa VFD for ac motor used in various sectors. So Today plchmiservo.com will be sharing the Software Yaskawa DriveWizard Industrial With you.

Models Supported of Drive Wizard Industrial “Yaskawa VFD” software:

GA500/GA700/GA800/A1000/A1000(930-1200A)/A1000HHP/A1000 (575V)/D1000/J1000/P1000/P1000Bypass/R1000/U1000/V1000/F7(US)/G5(US),  G7(US)/AC7 (Matrix)/P7(US)

PC Requirement of Drive Wizard V2.1 Software:

CPU Processor: Core i3 or above

RAM: 2GB/4GB or Above

HDD: 400MB Available Disk Space

Screen Resolution Minimum 1200*800 or More

Other devices needed must be USB Ethernet and serial port, mouse, keyboard, etc.

Supported Operating System of “Drive wizard Industrial V2.1” Version7:

  • MS Windows/XP/Vista
  • MS Windows Server
  • MS Windows/7/(32/64 bit)
  • MS Windows/8 /(32/64 bit)
  • MS Windows/8.1 /(32/64 bit)
  • MS Windows/10/(32/64 bit)

+ [Download] Drive Wizard Industrial_V2.1 YASKAWA VFD Software

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