[Download] Fuji PLC Programming Software “Fuji” Flex PLC 100% Real

SX-Programmer Standard V2.3.5.1 is the Engineering software of Fuji Flex N Series PLC. Fuji is a brand of Japan so Fuji products are is good but Fuji PLC is not very popular in the world. However, Today plchmiservo.com would like to share the Fuji PLC Programming Software Fuji Flex PLC in this section, Also How to Download and install the SX-Programmer Fuji PLC Software with you.

Note That: This software supports only a 32-bit Operating system, So If you need to install this software then you need will be 32-bit Operating system.

Supported Model of Fuji Flex PLC:

Fuji PLC Programming Software Supports the following models

NB /NB0/NBE /NJ/NJE/NJH and NS Series PLC.

Software “Fuji Flex” Setup Process:

+Step 01: Download Fuji PLC Programming Software from our site and extract the Software. after extracting the software double click on setup.

+Step 02: Click on the [next]

+Step 03: Click [Yes]

+Step 04: Click on [Next]

+Step 05: Select the destination location then click[Next]

+Step 06: Select setup type and click Next.

+Step 07: To continue click the Next.

+Step 08: File copy starts so click Next.

+Step 09: Click the Button Yes.

+Step 10: Select I agree also click Install.

+Step 11: When Net Framework Install is complete then Click ok.

+Step 12: When successfully install done then click [Finish].

>>>Download Fuji Flex PLCSoftware Google Drive Link>>>

We have given the [Download] Fuji PLC Programming Software Fuji Flex PLC google drive link to download the required software, so click on the link and download Omron Flex PLC Software.

+ [Download] FUJI Flex PLC Software

>>>Software Download Link:


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