[Download] SOPAS Engineering Tool “SICK Encoder” Software 100% Real

SICK is one of the Most Popular Brands in the World, for sensors and Encoder. SICK Sensor from Factory automation to Logistics Automation, Also process Automation, Solutions are keeping the Industries Moving. SICK has designed SOPAS ET Software for Hardware configuring and Programming.

If you use SOPAS ET Software, then you will check your computer hardware.

System Configuration of PC

+Processor: Minimum Pentium 1GHZ or Higher, Recommendedabove 2GHZ

+RAM: 1GB but Recommended 2GB/4GB or More

+HDD: Disk Free Space Minimum 600 MB, Hard Disk use 128GZ/256 GB or Higher

+Monitor: Minimum 256-65536 Colors Recommended 16 bit High Color. Minimum Resolution (1024*768)

+Hardware Communication Channel: RS-232 Serial/USB/Ethernet Depending on SICK Device.

Supported Model:





+DUSTHUNTER SB30/SB50/SB100/SP100/SF100/T50/T100/T200/C200


+MCS100FT/SMOTEC450/VICOTEC450/320, VISIC620, FLOWSIC 100 Processes/ FLOWSIC 100/200, FLOWSIC 100 Flare/ FLOWSIC 150 Carflow/ SIG100/GLS6/OLM100/ OLM100-Hi/ OLM200/ICR SYSTEM

+AOS LiDAR/VFS60/ Lector 62x/ Lector 63x/ Lector 64x/ Lector 65x

+CLV60x/ CLV61x/ CLV62x/ CLV63x/ CLV64x/ CLV65x/ CLV69x/RFH5xx/ RFU61x/ RFU62x/ RFU63x/ Inspector/ Tri Spactor 1000/ OD1000

+Dx50-2/ Dx100/ Dx1000/ UD18/ TiM3xx/ TiM5xx/ TiM7xx/ LMS1xx/ LMS4xx/ LMS5xx/ LD-OEM/ LD-LRS

+NAC2xx/ NAC3xx/ Distance Guard/ RMS1000/ W2S-2/ W2SG-2/W4-2/ W4S-2/ W4S-3 Glass/  W4SL-3/ W4S-3 Inox/   W4S-3 Inox Glass/ W4S-3 Inox Hygiene/  W4S-3 Inox Hygiene Glass/   W12-3/W12G/  W18-3/  W27-3/ Delta PAC/ MLG-2/   MLG-2 WEB Checker/ Glare/ ML20/ SIG200/ ICR89x System

+ DFS60/ DFS2x, AHS/AHM36, AFS/AFM60 SSI, AFS/AFM60 Inox, EcoLine, HighLine, DFV60/ MWS120/ SPEETEC 1D/ RFH6xx

+ UM30/ UM18/ UC30/ UM04/ LD-MRS/FTMg


Supported Products of SOPAS ET Software:

+Photoelectric Sensor

+Magnetic Cylinder Sensor

+Automation Light Grids.

+Glare Sensors

+Pattern Sensor

+GAS Analyzer

+ Analyzer Solution

+Dust Measuring Device

+Traffic Light Sensor

+Flow Measurement Technology

+Integration Products

+Localization and Positioning Solution

+System Solutions


+Motor Feed Back Solutions.

+Non Contact Motion Sensors

+Identification Solutions

+Machine Vision

+Distance Sensor

+Detection and Ranging Solution

+Fluid and Safety light Sensor

+Download: SOPAS Engineering Tool SICK Software