[Download] DO-More Designer_V2.7.4 “DO-More PLC Software”

DO-more Designer V2.74 is the Latest programming software of the DO-More Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Do-More software includes Build Software tutorials and Build in Online and offline Simulation, Architecture Videos, Powerful Math Functions, and Troubleshooting Videos Also All helpful Hints. However, today plchmiservo.com would like to share the Do More Designer Download “DO-More” PLC Software with you. also how to download the DO More PLC Software and Install Do More Software.

Supported models of Do More Designer Download “DO-More” PLC :  

Do More Software Supports the following models/Series

+Do-More BRX Series

+Do-More T1H Series

+Do-More H2 Series

+Do-More Simulator

Do More Software Supported Windows @ Operating Systems:

  1. Microsoft Windows XP/Vista
  2. Microsoft Windows-7, @32 bit 64bit
  3. Microsoft Windows 8/8, @1 32 bit 64bit
  4. Microsoft Windows-10, @ 32bit 64bit

“DO-More” PLC Software Setup Process

+S01: Download the Do More PLC Software from our website or Do More Website and Extract the software then double click Setup V2.7.4 and Click Yes.

+S02: Welcome to the Do-More Designer V2.74 Click Next.

+S03: Click OK.

04: Select “License Agreement” and click Next.

+S05: Enter User Details and Click Next.

06: Select Complete and click> next.

+S07: If we want Shortcut Icon Then Click Yes.

+S08: Click Install Because “Begin the Install”.

+S09: Click> Yes.

+S10: Installation Wizard Complete so Click>Finish.

>>>Download Do More Designer Download “DO-More” PLC Software Google Drive Link

We have given the [Download] Do More Designer Download “DO-More” PLC Software (Google Drive) link, So click on the link to download the PLC Do more Software.

+ [Download] DO-More Designer_V2.7.4 Do-More PLC Software

>>>DO More Software Link:


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