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Software LOGO Web Editor Version 1.1 is used together with LOGO! Base Module (BM) and Logo Programming Software LOGO! Soft Comfort. Logo Web Editor software is used to create a user-defined webpage in Editor and visually see all projects through LOGO’s Web server. However, We will describe the software [Download] Logo Web Editor V1.1 Siemens Software and how to download and install the Logo Web Editor.

With Logo! Through this software you can: Integrating Different components and Customize your personal webpage. Users can draw the graphics; integrate texts and pictures, and links.

So Today plchmiservo.com would like to share to software Logo Web Editor V1.1 with you. Also, you can download here the Software Logo Soft Comfort V8.3

Logo Web Editor V1.1 Siemens Software Base Module

Logo Web Editor (LWD) available for

+Logo! BM: LOGO! 8 6ED1052-xxx08-0BA0

+Logo! BM: LOGO! 8 6ED1052-xxx08-0BA1

Software-Supported Web Browser

Supports Web Browser Who’s Supports HTML5

+Microsoft Internet Explorer with minimum version 11.0 or more

+Mozilla Firefox with minimum version 30.0 or more

+Google Chrome with minimum version 45.0

+Apple Safari with minimum version 10.0

Logo Web Editor V1.1 Siemens Software “OS” Supported

+Microsoft Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, Including Win7/8/Windows 10

+Mac OS  Including Mac OSX10.9, Mac OSX10.10, Mac OSX10.11, Mac OSX10.12, Mac OSX10.13, Mac OSX10.14,

+Linux SUSE, 12 SP1, Kernel 3.12.74

We have given the software [Download] Logo Web Editor V1.1 Siemens Software link to download the required software.

+Logo! Web Editor V1.1 (LWE)


+ Logo! Web Access


+ [Download] Logo! Soft Comfort V8.1-Windows 32bit

+ [Download] Logo! Soft Comfort V8.1-Windows 64bit

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